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Crakets Characters and Progress - [New Best character yet] - 78 Characters

edited September 12 in Characters

Crakets Characters, currently 78 Total! (75 in cloud)


Carminia the... Cat Squirrel!



Theophania the Bat


Rivet (From Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart)


Gemini PestDeath


Diderik the Cat

Piper the Rat


Huge Otter Thing




Tea the Tiger

Fidget (From Dust: The Elysian tail)

April the Bunny



Nova Bright


Deka the Hybrid Orca Doge

Yua the Red Panda


Hestle The Horse


Gwen the Cow

Mumble the Pony (Re-Imagined)



Tim the Bear (Re-imagined)

Zahra the Egyptian Dog



Vivian the Leopard

Noah the Giraffe

Redbah the Hybrid



Krux the Dragon


Eduardo the Sheep


ALIEN EXTRAVAGANZA (All in the Cloud!)

The Craketeer








Hyun (Remade)


Brett the Lion

Bronzy the Rough Collie Dog [25th character milestone]

Charu the Cow

Feilong the Dragon

Jenny the Cat

Salv and Ador the Kobolds

Fuzang the Dragon

Wayne the Horse

Tasunka the Horse

Mumble the Pony

May the Bunny

Roland the Tiger [Did not Add Tail]

Jill the Bear

Barduk the Wolf

Athena the Dog!

Khak the Raptor!

Hyun the Mugli! [Original Creature]

Kiah the Wolf!

Milla the Sheep!

Tim the Bear!

Hit, the Celestial dragon! He hits hard, so dont hit him.

Siena and Jela the Llamas


Cole and Kai the Llamas!


for now



  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Wow it's really great to see someone taking the character creator on with such gusto like you're doing, can't see what you'll create up as we release more and more content through the months  :smile:
  • Gimme more! I can only do so much with Scaliehead hehe.
  • Nice skins and nice posing aswell. Too hot for me.
  • Thanks son much for sharing with us!
  • The current prodigy of YL2, Keep up the great work @Craket

  • edited January 2020
    Oh wow thanks menny. Thats a bit too high praise, not sure how long Il last until someone else beats me, which is a good thing. Different people make different stuff unlike mine, which I want to see as well.
  • [Barduk the wolf added]

    I wanted to make a more gruff, or older character, beard and stuff.
    I wonder if I can do that with a female.
    Expressions would help to assert personality to poses, we only have eyebrows to play with lol.
  • [Jill the Bear added]

    You can clearly see a big improvement in skill between Jill the bear, and Tim the bear. Im not going to update Tim anytime soon, im just happy Jill turned out to be more bear like. Sorry for not going the chubby route, I feel as if that kinda misrepresents the power of bears (the animal). I would have done a much more different kind of bear if there were more neck options, bears to me is much more tribalistic or primal to me that ide make them more animalistic around their upper bodies. Ide then also opt for Digitigrade legs, but for the more cartoony, I rather have Planti.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Really nice character as usual Craket. Your improvement in skill really shows. I love the stylized look.

    Good job!
  • edited May 2020
    Preview of what will soon come! And Thanks odes!

  • edited May 2020
    [Added Roland the Tiger]

    (Damnit, I forgot to add muzzles to him. Oh well)

    This guy was difficult due to having to finally learn blender. I used blender to texture and create those props. Note: Those props may be heavy for CELESTIAL environment due to the mirror. I think its the necklace one, due to polygonal number.

    Here are the created alphas and textures for you to use.


  • These characters are so well made. I especially like the Llamas - so creative!

    I also started learning to use blender to make some simple 3d models for my characters. I have yet to learn how to use blender to make textures which would make it easier to color the mouths and noses of some of the characters (I assume).
  • @D1ad Check this out

  • That's great thanks!
  • [May the bunny added]

    Tried to be minimal with fluff, I also wanted to add piercings but got very lazy. Im gonna go full on blender mode once cloud system come into place. That is when I will truly finalize my characters.
  • I turned your Athena the Dog into a cute fox! 
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    The bunny is so cute, well done :blush:
  • odesodes Administrator
    Very cool bunny indeed. I love the hair!

    Very cute fox. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • @kittysasha nice going! Everytime people have transformed my creations, I always end up not recognizing them so thats really good!
  • New Wavey Fluff that I dont know why I didnt make until now.

    Will probably save this for a horse character, and others going forward.
  • edited February 2020
    OMG thank you so much for simple expressions! Thats so tight! Seriously! This sparks so much life to all poses made going forward. I really think you guys should consider adding a tiny bit more. I suppouse things get hard for each new head you release.
  • [Added Mumble the pony]

    Ok so shes pretty flawed as a creation, something you may notice while playing around with her if you do so. But wanted to play with the new version so I did a pony instead of a bonified Mare or Stallion.

    The horse head do make for a good llama head, but is a tiny bit too much of a horse for my taste to clasify it as other kinds of species. I think Il have to toy around more with that.

    I also removed the download link to all the other characters as they were either outdated links, or are now outdated as of this new YL2c version. I have personally updated the appendages and stuff, but for now I think these characters should wait for the cloud system. But do ask if you are interested in one of the characters, Il just plop a download link for you when you do ask.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Good work as always, Craket! Mumble is a cutie for sure. :)

    Yeah, I think waiting for the cloud makes a lot of sense. It's our priority for this month, so hopefully we'll have it ready for the next release.
  • edited May 2020
    [Tasunka the Horse added]

    Fun to make! Going into blender to get new textures and used my wavey fluff to its fullest. Will probably make a male, also she is my tallest character. If thats a good or a bad thing I dont know yet.

    This is what I used





  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited February 2020
    Really happy to see the horse head finally being used to a more extend, she looks great!

    edit: equally cool is that I read that Tasunka is based on the myth on how the Lakota tribe first encountered horses with the same name.
  • Nice catch Dogson!
  • odesodes Administrator
    Superb fluff authoring. Great work on this horse @Craket!
  • edited May 2020
    [Wayne the Horse added]

    Now with a cowboy like name.

    I dont know how tall he really is compared to Tasunka, but definitely shorter.
    Ive also used some new textures that I havent properly showed on the screenshots, so here ya go.

    Edit: I still hate adding fluff to the tail



  • Very cool characters. May I ask what your "process" for fluff authoring is? Body hair and so on I'm getting the hang of, but everytime I try to do hairstyles it ends up looking terrible. Might have to wait until more hair models are available :/
  • edited February 2020
    @kroch I should probably do a tutorial on how I do it, but its pretty simple if shown.

    but Il try to explain for now:
    I always try to do things in Layers. But for each layer I firstly I just edit with 1 fluff.

    I use Length and width first to what I think would be best.
    Then I use Angle / Starter angle and Ending angle.
    Then Bend it the way I think would be best.
    Lastly, as of current version I now also use Tilt. (Optional)

    So essentially, a little bit of everything, except Twist. That comes later.

    Now that you have made 1 fluff, every other fluff added will follow your first fluffs settings and I place it however I think is best. It will still look wonky, but thats fine because you will now have to edit them as a whole.

    I try to not overlap (Fluff slicing through eachother) too much, so I use Tilt or Angle to make the Back row of fluff higher or lower (Depending on what is required). This gives a tiny bit more depth to the hair and unscrambles the fluff from slicing through eachother.

    At this point I will be making some minor Bend and Length adjustments to lower or higher of the group and leftmost or Rightmost, just to add variety in this appendage group. I will also use Single Rotations etc just to be sure everything is in use.


    I use Twist. I carefully twist parts of the group of fluff to hide looking like paper from as many angles as possible. Not that its not okay to be thin, but rather so that there is a sense of an illusion and depth to the group of fluff. You basically want the flats to always show whatever angle you are looking at the character. Despite me finding this to be important, I may have forgotten to do this to Waynes hair on the back.

    Minor edits aftewards with Length, width etc.

    For some other long portions of Hair, I bend them in the end as well rather than at the beginning.

    Brush tips:
    The way I use the brush is by holding in the mouse, and THEN approach the outskirts of the group going deeper. That way, you will add mostly to the fluff at the edges, and a little less towards the middle.

    As an example.
    Lets say there is 10 fluffs in row. You want the back one most affected by your edit, and the front one least affected. You approach the row from the top, and slowly brush downwards thru all the fluff with a big brush. The back fluff will end up soaking most of the edit resulting in it being the most edited.

    For hair specifically, I work with many appandege fluff groups and add Layers. Usually 2 for front hair, 2 for back. maybe 1 or two extra. Usually one MAIN group, and one FILLER group that adds to the main group.

    And thanks, I enjoyed writing this :P

    I forgot to add

    I always go into pose mode to see how the fluff will flip out when making the characters head or neck look up and down. Try to avoid having the fluff stab through the chest for future functionality.
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