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Crakets Characters and Progress - [Why? mmh... Monkey] - 88 Characters



  • edited November 2021
    [Vidra added]
    Second shortest Male of the Woodlands series is done as an Otter!

    The belt buckle and bags are super simple. My blender skills are still not up to par to create the things I want. But what is odd is how the simplicity makes the character even better, as it draws your attention more to the actual character than his cloth.

    Also, if I didnt make a hair in combination with fluff, I would consider turning off "part of body". Because then, I believe a user would have the option to turn off the hair on a character in interactions. Some new things come to mind every now and then as you can see.

    Also, im at 80th character with Vidra in the cloud. Only 20 more characters (huff huff) and interactions are out!  As prophetised by me since the beginning. (Would be weird if this really were true).
  • [Ovca Added]

    Ovca turned out to be pretty straight forward. As of upload, im not that satisfied with the skjall that I gave her. Im not good with modeling and as such, it turned out mediocre at best.

    I might update it in the future. No biggy.

    Any ways, I have yet still to make progress in my skill with blender. I think my design philosophy is getting better for fvne, but it could still upgrade with clothing additions for my characters. I guess this is why Im so slow with churning out characters.

    Once I hit the 100th character milestone in the cloud. I want to at that point also be confident at clothing characters so that my current ones have some things to be characterized with.

    Thats that for now.
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    [Kifal Added]
    Wanna see how I made the hair for her?

    1- Shape some Planes in blender and uv them nicely
    2- Make the alpha mask for the Uv
    3- Add it to her, alpha with the mask and Transfer colours
    4- Do my fluff hair additions to fill the gaps and make it even more luxurious!
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    [Pas added]
    Hey guys! Im finally back!

    I was stuck in a rut since new years, dont know why but it is all coming back to me.
    Gotta shake off from video games. Surprised that after completing Elden Ring ive started to recover from playing too much video games.

    Anyways! Pas was inspired by this character

    This is the closest that ive inspired myself from a character that is of someone elses work. The particular spots and stuff are hard to make look good as it did on that character so I "copied" a bit of the pattern here and there.

    Was having trouble finding similar dogs with good patterns, and Im not exactly good at concepting these natural patterns myself so I did a bit of copying. Hopefully, the character comes off as different enough. Especially being much shorter and darker. My only gripe was the Eye Colour, I tend to try and harmonize the eye colour or compliment it with the characters body and blue really was a right fit and hoped it wouldnt be.
  • [Lejal and Imani added]

    I have not done any activity with this thread, even forget to update when I made Lejal.

    Well... All I can say is the thread isnt active but the future of fvne is brighter. Joined @Blacky and @Vandred to create a collab account called FurFangGang. I hope to see more people on there just using their skills for characters that make fvne even better.

    That is were most of my efforts in regards to FVNE has gone. I will try to put out more character of my own as well as continue the major tutorial that I am working on with Odes. Hopefully will supply something for people to get going into FVNE Character Creator, the tutorial will handle all the basic stuff. But most importantly, I want to get to the parts that give polish to a character. The entire manual will be revealed once it is ready.

    In anycase, hopefully by the end of 2022, there will be easier ways to learn and enjoy fvne. we have pretty good characters on there now.
  • Love your Zuto character!
  • edited September 2022
    Thanks @untrust
    I only saw your message today!
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