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Crakets Characters and Progress - [New Best character yet] - 78 Characters



  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Now that's a nice hunk you did there :thumbsup:
  • Thanks for the pointers, now it only looks half terrible. Just kidding, that was very helpful, but I still have to practice a lot to ge ton your level

  • edited March 2020
    [Fuzang the dragon added]

    Only providing downloads when it is asked for, so if you really want to see her in YL2c, just say so.

    The update is amazing for the dragon head. All because of the tweakables! Also this is probably my best creation so far, still nothing too fancy like others are making.

    Im mostly fond of her proportions, they are off in a way that fits the eastern dragon. elongated body but shorter limbs. Because of that, I also figured out how to make longer necks by making the chest areas longer, neat trick. Not sure if it will be that much more worth it once giraffe is implemented, not sure if there are any plans for longer necks though.
  • Oh and here are mouth materials for the dragon head
    First mouth, then teeth.

  • [Kobolds Added]

    I didnt know how much I liked this dragon update, but dragons arent the only thing thats been added, I have a new idea already.
  • edited March 2020
    [Jenny the Cat added]

    Almost forgot to mention: Shes based on my least viewed image (For a good reason, its not that good).

    So far, I believe I based off 2 characters from images ive drawn, and both are amazing looking. I think I need to design a character as drawn beforehand before making it in YL2c. I guess that is why copyright characters tend to also look good because there is a reference to strive for.

    This is the animal that ive avoided making for so long simply because shes too easy to make look good. And after a few months I finally did it. I still have some more upcoming.

    Here is two images I did not use, and an image where most of her hair fluff is gone.

  • Man, you're just churning out these characters! I look forward to using them when yl2 starts having interactions. Also knew that someone would eventually make kobolds.
  • @SteelCrow13 Thanks. I think some will be abandoned or completely remade. Like the Male Bear I am unhappy with now, same goes for the OG race mugli, there could be one other I forgot. Every other character will be retouched by the time of interactions, by then, il probably have like... 60 characters. Maybe 100 even :P

    However, most or all of my characters are flexible, not too special, or as I like to see them as "Starter" characters. When the cloud comes up, I wouldn't mind people use my creations as a base for theirs.
  • [By a request, the download files for Kobolds and Fuzang the dragon have been added. I also just threw one in for Jenny]
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Always great to see what you've come up with next, Cracket. Altough I'm curious, in the latest female characters, you've showed, the kobolt and the cat, are you using the m_athletic?
  • edited March 2020
    @Dogson For the Kobold and Fuzang, I used M_athletic. For the Cat, it was F_default.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I feel compelled to say again just how impressed I am by your fluff authoring. Always a pleasure to see. The cat is absolutely gorgeous.
  • @odes Thank you! And Il keep obsessing over fluff.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Right yeah, hmm.. it isn't really idle, hopefully the female athletic bodytype I'm prototyping can fix that, that won't be for this comming month's release though, doing bovine (cattle) head and will try to make Illinir and Freanir for the dragon head.
  • @Dogson Can I ask what isnt Idle?(Ideal?) Cus if they are not Ideal, yeah I understand. A female version would probably work better even if I can salvage it from a M_athletic version.  If you meant Idle, I have no idea what you talked about, maybe some 3D thing im not seeing cus im not savvy with 3D.

    But I definetly will update when F_athletic comes out. Jill the Bear uses M_muscular, its why I like this character editor, using male/female things for the opposite purposes just works.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Ah sorry, spelling error, meant "ideal" not idle. I have a deadly combo of dyslexia and the fact that English isn't my native :)
  • [Feilong the dragon Added]

    I had this guy made a while ago, and was in the making of two others, but hit a snag IRL so I couldnt be bothered for any upload. But im back now! I gave a proper try at the penis deformation options to make it look more something out of BadDragon or something.
  • odesodes Administrator
    An exceptional piece as always. Good job! :)

    Nice creative use of the scale slider for the shaft.
  • edited April 2020
    [Charu the Cow added]

    Im closing in on the magical number 25!!!

    On the 25th character, I will post a review of the characters ive made, and rank which ones were best, favourites, worst etc. Which ones I will remake.

    There are a few deleted characters that I also want to reveal.
  • *envious as heck* 
    I'll never be able to fluff like y'all..
  • [Bronzy the dog Added]

    Perhaps I should have made him fluffier...
    Sorry that its not a character utilising the new assets, im still waiting for those assets

    Regardless, he is my 25th character that I have shown here. I will continue to make a post reviewing my list. Best things, worst things, things Il have to remake or retouch.

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Mostly curious, which assets do you have in mind?
  • The 25th character Review!

    well, I wont be reviewing every character or anything. Just listing out my experience.



    When I started making anything, I did start editing the bunny like developers recommended. Trying to figure out what the hell each button did, The app is so extensive that you truly do need to figure out your best element and almost stick only to what it is you want to learn. Its not as extensive as Photoshop or anything but it is extensive enough because a lot of the features can be used in different ways.

    This is why we see many different creators with different wants and skills. I hope to see more, because the best way for the characters to evolve is for creators to figure out new things as well as make elements for other people to use.

    Going forward, I probably will play around more with blender and actually make stuff for you guys to also take and use.

    First Character

    I cannot count the edited bunny as my first character because it was all just a test run. She looked kind of similar to May.
    Similar colours and stuff, but a bit more fantastical and no alpha on the fluff, safe to say shes deleted completely :P

    But my first character was actually Siena the llama.

    This is her Old form. I felt a huge lack of fur and fluff that I had to satisfy my own apitite for it, by being good at placing those fluff in such a way that it looks convincing. This was still pretty odd, but I tried my hardest to make it look good. I even thought I had to place a part on her forehead and then place fluff on that to make the hair have this stylized look.

    There werent that many assets then and I had to get creative, which actually gave her a cute look. The SCALIE head and SCALIE DIGITIGRADE feet worked wonders. Her neck was oddly difficult to figure out how to get long.

    Welp, its longer now, because they added the feature to extend the UPPER CHEST upwards, which also made the neck longer.

    Shes clearly updated and stuff, I think she has had most changes since, well she is my favourite.

    Review of best and worst and other!

    Favourite is Sienna the Llama
    My favourite is Siena the llama, I just want to get that out of the way because she will not partake in any of the things going forward. Being the favourite is the highest grade I can give.

    Hardest to make was Roland the Tiger
    He was large, demanded a tiger pattern, I also created assets for him, not that it was that good. But he took me the longest to make because of outside elements being brought into him while learning. Will he be functional? I dont know, he is one of the larger characters.

    Most Unique and Surprising creation was Fuzang/Feilong

    These eastern dragons were so much fun to work with, they were already fantastical and they also WORKED! I thought when I started that I was going to have to drop them but turns out they were perfectly fit! The long neck here was perfect, the ability to adjust the proportions off was perfect. The Tweakables to the heads were also perfect! It all just fell in place.

    Most attractive and pretty character was Jenny

    As ive said, cats in general have a very attractive/elegant design that they become very easy to make look pretty. I even gave her eyeliner and lip make up just to increase that pretty look even further. She was also very easy to make. Almost too easy... Despite that, I have to admit her as probably the most sexy looking character. I am certain that Jenny and her opposite, Athena the Dog will be my most downloaded characters in the future.

    Outdated characters

    Hyun and Tim
    Sorry if you like them the way they are, but both are outdated at this point.

    These are the characters I am most likely to REMAKE. Tim the bear suffers from blandness, even though some of the fluff I put on him is cool. Hyun was a difficult creation to properly make look good, especially for my skill at the time.

    If you didnt know, the original creature mugli are mine, they are suppoused to be this female dominant but short race. Kind of blended togheter kobolds, Asura from GW2 and added my own spins here and there.

    Least liked character is Mumble

    Im sorry but I just did not develop to create her in the style that was her head. I didnt put enough effort in order to make her work the way I wanted to because, I didnt know what I wanted. I mostly just tried to apply her head in some way or another. Obviously its difficult because the head shape is so weird when you start creating a character with that. This is one of those assets to me that I cannot use without a clear idea as to what I want to do with it. As in, I would need a character sheet of someone elses character that has this kind of a head and then I create based off of that. Right now, I cannot see myself creating anything more with that head unless its MLP based in someway. This head type is just not for me.

    Perhaps tweakables would do some good for it?

    Deleted Characters

    Characters who did not even see the light of day.

    Devin the Panther is a heartbreaking one. He was supposed to have this Remy (From Street Fighter 3 Third Strike) feel to him, a cool long haired dude. But the hair was just not cutting it, and there was a bug every time I loaded  to do with fluff (Tilt bug on first or second versions I think). A panthers colour is also all black/dark blue. To the point of blandness, I just did not like him enough to work on him further.

    Female Goat. When I saw the Goat Ears asset, I was like "Sweet, this is a hint for us to make a goat character!" I started and then... just kinda fell off of it. Just didnt like where it was going and dropped her.

    This guy. So I tried really hard to translate another original creature of mine to this app, but alas, the proportions simply did not allow a satisfactory start to it. He just ended up looking like a ... sergal. Here is how approximately should actually look.

    Well, those are first concepts and female versions of him. The neck thickness and length is just not satisfactory enough to properly create that more primitive and animalistic looking head/neck. I will try again in another time, but for now, he is a failure.


    YL2c made me pretty busy. Im not as out of the box as other people are, I mostly just try to get good with the tools inside the app. I also am constantly trying to make something that is Functional for when YL2 comes out. Most of the characters I have made are also safe as a result, but that also means I can make many to share. This is probably premature to think about.

    For future creations, I was thinking of hunkering down and actually making proper stuff from blender, proper textures, and just one quality character at a time. I was very quantity up until now.
  • @Dogson Oh hey, Its simple assets for Deer and a more complex one for giraffe Those are the ones I personally have voted for in the patreon poll.

    I think im expecting too much, but regardless, a body type that supports a longer neck or something to allow us to morph the neck further without having to compromise other bones is what im looking for.

    But I remember seeing a lot of people having odd bugs with the neck so making more free form necks possible will be a weird one.
  • @Craket
    I think you sell yourself a bit short. In my view, you're not only the most prolific character creator, but also that your creations set the bar.

    @Dogson ;
    On the subject of morphs, do you think it will ever be possible for community creators to create their own "tweakables," that is to say blend shapes? I am probably underestimating the level of complication required to do so.
  • @LutherSlade Wow man, thanks! But still, I think, I need, to go.... EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!!!

  • Great characters as always, and nice compilation of them. Would you mind sharing the mouth/teeth masks you used for the new bovine head?



    They arent perfect, but I did not notice anything leaking out the models either.

  • Thank you, much appreciated!
  • Wow, I really like your characters. Can you please give me a download link for a Fuzang the Dragon, Siena and Jela the Llamas

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