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Crakets Characters and Progress - [Super Kawai Kitty Cat Sugoi!] - 79 Characters



  • [Download Link added]

    Download link for all characters.
    Expires at the 14th of may.

  • @Craket thanks a lot
  • edited May 2020
    [Brett the Lion added]

    First Quality character. I have made a drawing of random characters in my mind, and then pick and choose their assets to make in Blender.

    Take a look
    Obviously I picked the easiest one :| (Dont worry about the clothes, I just drew what I had in mind to fit them into their assets better)

    The Ear Rings and Bead bracelets are super simple. Here they are anyway.

    Will make proper assets for download in the future.

    Here are the tattoo Assets


  • I have also now cleaned up the first page by using the Spoilers Tag.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Nice if you to show your concept art, that's what it is, right, your own drawings? :)
    I really need to get back practicing drawing too. He's a handsome devil, your big feline.
  • Thanks again @Dogson . And yes, the drawings are mine. I made a comment here that I should Draw the characters before making them in YL2c, it really helps contextualizing the 3D version.  Sienna (the First llama) and Jenny the Cat were also drawn beforehand which made them look so good.

    So I added that little trick to all characters going forward that I will put quality work into.
  • I have now Discovered that I can make tattoos with the use of Decals

  • edited July 2020
    [Added the Alien Batch]

    5 NEW characters, and a Hyun Remake. I need to make more males, and I must say, there is an inherently large bias towards Female, who da thunk hehe. But I gotta have myself some Males to couple the females with, ya know?

    More men from outerspace comin up. Its been a blast making them, its my forte and ive been distracting myself with the app immensely.

    And! Ive totally gotten better and I kinda hate to admit it. I rather get better at drawing, lol.
  • [Added Vowsh to the Alien List]

    He is in the cloud, but not updated. Realised too late on how I would make him less bland. Well... now I wait.
  • I agree on the needing more males part. As much as I love all the beautiful sexy ladies, we definitely need more studs to start filling in all these holes.
  • [Hoxo Added]

    I like him, had to get those pieces of clothing on him somehow, couldnt be better cus im still a blender newb.
  • [Added "myself"]

    One more character and I will have claimed 2 whole pages of characters. 29 are uploaded to the cloud. I have 4 characters not uploaded, but I dont feel as if they are good enough any more.

    Roland and a Female counterpart (Female tiger).
    The other female and male llama
    Oh and the pony but forget about HER.

    I should have waited until I made 1 more Male character before uploading Craketeer in just to wrap a nice bow on it before I distance myself from this app cus, I need to practice not being on the character creator, lol... damnit. It would have been 2 whole pages but... you know.. fuck it, im gonna make my damn comic.
  • edited July 2020
    [Eduardo Added]

    The male sheep that I wanted to make for so long, not as cool as Ide hoped but still good! Also!

    439+ Karma
    with 30 characters uploaded to the Cloud, that is 2 whole pages dominated by ME!

    (That is also about 30 characters in need of an edit, oh boy...)
  • I have created

    12 Males
    18 Female

    Acumulated Male Upvotes
    107 (-12 from my own upvote). 95 Total

    Acumulated female Upvotes
    336 (-18 from my own upvote). 318 Total
    234% more than Males

    Acumulated female upvotes from 12 best females
    265 (-12 from my own upvote). 253 Total
    178% more than Males

    Top Male "Wayne" with 16 upvotes
    Top Female "Athena" with 35 Upvotes

    Bottom Male "Ador" with 6 Upvotes
    Bottom Female "Vimpin" with 9 Upvotes

    Female are destroying Males in terms of Upvotes... UPVOTES!
    Upvotes are easy to give and dont mean that much to give out, I would expect more upvotes given to males in general. Favourites and OwO's are what should be given out as commendations and good sign of people liking your creation.

    For Females...
    Athena has 31 Favourites, and 8 OwO's. Yoalya has 24 Favourites, and 10 OwO's (Also arguably in a shorter time).

    For Males...
    Wayne has 12 Favourites and 3 OwO's. While Feilong and Brett have 2 OwO's. (Maybe from the same people).

    To me, this means that more people look and click on Females than Males, this is kind of expected if I assume most people here are heterosexual males.
    However, probably the incoming Top Male I think is @Yetoff's "PorterHouse" (does not have the MALE tag, but il assume him as such). 14 upvotes, but 10 Favs, 4 OwO's.
    I think Yetoff's style attracted people to click on it so there are more factors to what makes people click and consider favouring and OwO'ing a character.

    But the difference from "wayne" is like... very small and I wish I had a more definitive answer in order to get people to appreciate Male models more.
    Oh well.

    @Chyanna Is another top Creator in YL2 atm. Most of his stuff is not to my liking personally, but he does have interesting derivative opportunity characters.
    Hes also made creations that should not be easy to accomplish right now (Like Avian characters). However, surprisingly he unfortunately does not rack in as much attention to his characters. I can only assume its because almost all characters are busty AF to the point of maybe distaste. This is why I think the characters are a good opportunity for people to Derive, because they have interesting assets that people should utilise and change to their liking. Maybe I will give it a try. Sorry if this downplays you Chyanna, Im only observing and trying to make interesting assumptions to learn from.

    If there is anyone who can break my rules to what people give attention to, it could be @VirusHunter. Its so attractive and colourful in the thumbnails, it is impossible not to have a look. Even if it is a male character, most people will give it attention enough to also give a favourite and OwO's. But, he has yet to do so (Not a challenge). Im just interested to see someone break the mold of lack of male interest. Despite heterosexual assumptions.
  • [Added Mjum, Krux, Haffr, Fremsu, Redbah, Noah, Vivian]
    More and more aliens characters than the usual animal. I find it that Vivan may be more of the Unique animal characters where they clearly arent just for being a simple character, like Brett the Lion.

    Anyways, I dont know what to do with this thread. I feel like it is redundant due to the cloud, but I also feel like I can express non-thread worthy comments with my experience using YL2.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I quite enjoy reading your comments, so I'd say keep it up! I'm sure others do too.
  • Alright, il keep at it.

    But still, once the hard work you guys have been doing reaches to the point of opening up the discussion, guides, interactions etc sections of the cloud, real engagement will happen due to being so directly tied to the app. I really do think having a cloud connect the community is an amazing idea that will pay off.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Agreed, I think overtime, this forum will become obsolete for the reasons you stated. Still, I check in here everyday and I'm happy when I see users post content. :)
  • edited September 2020
    [Added Gran, Kruby and Zahra]

    Zahra was deeply inspired by this

    40 original characters in the Cloud now, with 1 derivative. I was going to make the derivative of Chyanna's reptile girl a lot more different, but as soon as I discovered that their characters textures were already a colour and texture and not a mask, I couldnt do much. Or at least, I reduced the bustyness and changed the proportions slightly to my personal tastes. I wish It was more diverse, I feel like I kind of stole it, so I called it what it is, a reduced version of Chyannas creation.

    Out of the 3 new added characters, Krublya to me was the most interesting to make as she kind of encapsulates my style exactly. Most of my unseen art is usually exotic and fantasfull but grounded to some realism. I wish I could get my comic to explain what I mean but some accidents happened and the momentum for it just got dropped. To give a hint for it, the vines on the skin portion are actually fur. Any ways, making the masks for her was complicated, I thought I was going to give up on making the vines be opposite from the dark and light areas, but I managed in the end.

    Granomal may seem kind of bland and generic (And... he is) but his significant other is his duo that make him and her the lookers that they are. I just cant make her just yet as the heads dont match well with her, but thats fine. His design is meant to be more on the animal than alien side, it kind of helps let furries potentially use him as a good catalyst I think. Males in female focused pornographic illustrations tend to have hidden eyes, so the same "feel" can be applied with Gran.

    I tend to not make vividly colourful characters, but seeing Magnaomega's Anubis and her colours really made me want to give it a try. Most characters I see with vivid colours just dont look that great to me. Any ways, I blatantly tried to copy the palette as much as possible, but alas I couldn't fully get the hair right, so I did a little of my own judgement, and a tiny bit less like his Anubis.


    Alright time to boast.

    41 characters in the cloud
    with 718 karma.

    I upvote my own characters, so I cant find character upvotes to mean much other than visibility. But its the Favourites (And owo's) that I like to see. It means a potential re-visit to the characters once Interactions come out. I feel like most of my characters should be functionally viable... I hope. I think that hair might look stiff, especially for the big haired ones. I still cant say much for Tails, I usually try to avoid tails (A big furry sin) but I try my best to ready them for when they will get their physics. Im certain that tail parts could be used as hair when that is the case.

    Alright, this was the last of my assumptions and ramblings for today!
  • edited October 2020
    [Added Gwen, Mumble, Tim, Torr and Dwaha]

    Character by character, lets go!

    Tim was born out of the necessity of a bear character, especially since I have made a female bear character. So why not have a male equivalent. The previous Tim just did not fit the bill, but I have not uploaded him to the cloud yet so I gave him a make over!


    Torr fits right in with Haffr and Mjum as they are the same kind. I wanted another Haffr, but male. So a little old-ish looking, mixing dominantly black with little white. Trying to make a hot male is though without an attraction for them, but I think I did a good one. I went off on his back hair, I wanted him to make a recognisable shape from the side, as well as give an interesting view for whatever male that will do him from behind, if ever. It is functional as well, usually with long hair models or fluff, forcing the head to look up tends to stab the hair through the chest. It still does, but then you are forcing the head to look up unnaturally high. I make sure its functional enough to not be noticable.


    Dwaha is so flipping cute. Shes huge though, her scale is pretty large. Not unreasonably, but I hope she will be interesting. I honestly did not have a proper idea what I wanted to do, all I know is that I wanted a disproportionate body similar to the eastern dragons, with the Giraffe head. As I was making her, I realised how simple a large character like this better be, especially if its exotic looking. So, few colours with good fluff job.

    Coming in to finishing her, I then realised how good of an Avian character this would be, the shape of the giraffe head sparked that idea. Still, she ended up very good, and I think shes one of the better accidental, simple looking characters.


    I remade Mumble despite not liking her, I toyed around with the Old save file of her, and managed to make something that still looks like an MLP based character in a much more proportionate body. Trying to get a good use of that head type as intended. Her tail was also a big distaste for me, so I remade that as well. I might have to go back and retouch it even further, still not liking it but only needs a little bit of touching left it seems.


    Gwen! I dont know if that was a good name for her... regardless, I pick and chose one of my drawings to create a character out of. I was running out of drawn characters so I chose an old image. (nsfw obv)

    And the result is something I think... was very well done. As in, shes super simple. Not much going on, I did not go crazy over the tail either, I went with something predictable. However! Its the head, the shape was important. Her head has this almost-afro look to it that I wanted to do for a long time now. But I did not go overboard. So I ended up with the most technical fluff work for hair. And it looks great I think. No matter what angle you look at her head, there is a shape to be had. Front, side, back, top, in contrast to the eyes, to the ears, the nose, etc. Its more so how much the hair does for the face, which I think it does it well here.

    Some of the transparency on the front/top fluff could be a bit more solid. Unfortunately, the thumbnail angle shows the only flaw imo that I am talking about.

    You may not have noticed, but you can see 3 layers of hair. It shouldn't be that obvious. Il see what I can do when updating her.


    Not much traffic on the cloud lately...

    It is as expected somewhat. But you would expect more votes on @ScruffyTheDeer 's Braixen or @Chyanna 's MewTwo. I dont know if that has to do with just a lot less people roaming around. However, @Static_snowflake 's Anubis did get attention. I find it kind of funny because of two things. My Zahra got a lot of attention as well, not as awesome as Anubis but the egyptian style and design might have something to do with their success. The second thing which I find funny is that Anubis is the second most upvoted character with a Penis. #1 spot goes to @Methodman's (@Method76 ?) Zuri. I guess to have a "male" character be appreciated as much as the females is you gotta Trick em! ;D

    There has been some In My Opinion actual creative progress being made with some of the recent characters. @ScruffyTheDeer 's technicality with textures kind of destroyed the developers envisioned art style (Remember the more "cartoony" look?). Im mostly speaking out of imagination since there is so much one could do with textures and maps like that and forego the cartoony style for a more realistic one. @Static_snowflake 's space suit girl was also very refreshing, another good creator who also made Anubis.

    @Chyanna has me beat in # of characters in total. We both have 3 pages worth of characters. But that moogle, is kind of terrifying tbh.

    @Johnvermer impressed me with Rix, a convincing kangaroo character.

    I also realize that I know very little on how to make proper engagement in the comments, hehe. It mostly boils down to me giving a small tip. I would derive someone else's work, but if I were to derive, it would have to look different. The one I did on Crusch Lulu by chyanna is not one I am proud of, I really felt like I wanted to have her in the back pocket some day, but in a less of an overly busty state, so I derived her. Ide change the colours too but the texture work prevent me from that.


    When is part physics, and fur shading or alternative palettes?

    If the devs are reading this essay, I wonder if you can answer a question. I personally am waiting for however alternate colours for a character will be introduced. Ive secretly halted updating my characters because 1, its a lot of work. 2, I rather update when they certainly wont be too outdated of features.

    FurShading tech, Tail or Ear physics and Alternate colours is the Beez knees that im waiting on before I can confidently say that my characters are Finalized.

    Furshading can cover some aesthetical ground. Nothing too special, but I do think it is a shading people will want to have on their furred characters. It may also have me make less fluff appendage groups on future characters. Sometimes im forcing in fluff just to have the illusion of fur that FurShading would cover.

    Alternate Colours creates more content on a single character file for people to play around with and choose, especially with interactions in mind. Odes did explain previously how one would have to choose the character and colour before loading them in. Not as quick as in YL1, but that is fine by me. As long as I can deliver more content off of just one character, the better.

    Part Physics (Tail and ear). I do not know much of this, but Im guessing the tails are currently straight for a reason. I can only expect these parts to have a certain amount of physics to them at a certain date. However, what is important to me is functionality. I need to see how the tail behaves, I might have missed a spot with decor depending on how the tail moves and shifts. I have a lot of fluff on some tails, and I really wonder how THAT will behave with the tail moving. Same goes for the ears. In some cases, I have created ears within ears just to have a furred layer and a skinned layer, but, because I fear ear physics will make it look wonky as if they have 4 ears moving around, ive started texturing the ears rather than doubling them up.

    Part physics to me is the most important to secure good looks during movement.
    Furshading second, as its a desired graphical aesthetic.
    Alternate colours is not really necessary, but is my third most important for the extra and more fulfilling content per character.

    all of that before I properly will update my 45+ characters.

    Im not asking you guys to hurry up or anything. But maybe im asking for a progress report or something on them. I want to know when the day of reckoning will come.


    Anyways, thats been MY months report. The world is going more insane, ive had major bummers happening this year and I am not surprised. In some way, most of these bummers that ive had were also lowkey positives. Maybe im being an optimist, but something about these negatives (from what I see) happen to also liven up everything. Il keep the attitude to myself for now.
  • odesodes Administrator
    omg, Gwen is absolutely adorable. One of my favorites in the cloud so far!

    Dwaha is really interesting too. It's nice to see some other VDMs used for nipples.

    As for art direction - it's pretty much impossible to make everyone follow the same style given the amount of freedom this tool offers. So it's a bit w/e.

    I can appreciate the more realistic approach some take. I'm actually surprised more haven't done their own texturing/sculpting(+bake) outside of the app and then brought it in.

    When is part physics, and fur shading or alternative palettes?

    Fur shading is highest priority ATM, and will be part of next release. Hopefully we'll have everything out on time.

    Alternating colors - I reckon it's going to be something like an array property that can store the color property's values, and where an index is active. So if you want to switch to another palette, you just select another index.

    I also want to implement shuffle and randomize colors (with undo). That could be an interesting and fun way for finding new styles quickly.

    Part/Tail physics is a bit further into the future. Shaft physics comes before then. We're experimenting a bit with a custom tech for shafts that will tie into interactions/penetration, and we want to have that somewhat figured out before we decide how to do part physics since that could potentially be done in the same way.

    Tails are actually rigged to support physics so it's just a matter of actually adding it later on.

    And yeah, most people seem to struggle atm. I'm not sure there's anything to do other than keeping on fighting. As long as you keep getting back up, victory is inevitable.
  • Oh look at that, thanks for the insight. And is always impressive. I feel a bit spoiled whenever something works as intended on the app. I guess im still surprised a 3D program for furries, to make and puppeteer their characters around in high quality is still just so amazing.
  • [Baya added]

    Ok, so Baya is an odd one. Super cute, I love her. But she comes with little oddities.

    She was supposed to not have the colours and detail that she currently has. There is a character from an artist in FA that they only drew once, I still loved that character. I messaged the artist that I re-made her in furryvne with as many disclaimers in order to get a permission to upload it. I even gave a deadline of 10th of oct to respond or else I will consider it as No permission, when Baya was made in like... the 1st.

    I got no response, it was the 10th and I uploaded what Ide say is the "bootlegged" version of her. To the point where I like this version just as much. I alien-ized her here and there. Made her a part of the "alien" gang of mine. She is a lot less "clean" than the Original but characters who are a bit messy/awkward are my personal preference.

    So what did we learn? If you make someone elses character, make sure to tell the owner what you want to do and see if you can get a response Before starting to make it. I had this lingering in my mind as I was making her, but I think it turned out fine either way. I have 2 characters, one edited and one awaiting the artists response whenever that day comes.
  • [Added Hestle and Atlanta]
    I forgot to add these in this thread.

    I may have reached 51 characters in here, but in the cloud im still at 49. Once I reach 51 over there, I will be at technical 50 characters uploaded. 51 because one of the characters is a mild Derivative, not derived enough for me to call it "mine".

    Anyways, Here is some... thoughts.

    I havent made much characters, kind of burned of ideas. But im mostly focusing on my own stuff here and there. I was also very much waiting for the Fur Authoring tool, so I didnt want to burn my self out. And I am glad I did wait.

    Updating up to 50+ characters is actually pretty daunting.


    Anyways, the fur authoring tool is legit pretty damn good. I love it and was required for this app. I must say, I think this is one of the things that should have been here sooner since its a major tool for furries. But it is here now!

    The fur DOES make my characters, with or without the fluff look much better and fuller. However, it is unfortunate for screenshots to contrast the shading. I bet you that there are people who lurk and watch us here and there. Only capable of gaining an impression for a character through these screenshots. I can only suggest to revamp the screenshot system to be a screencap instead. The bit of extra rendering is unnecessary. The extra sharpness is great, but with fur this is not so great, unless the extra contrast thing can be fixed.

    And if it is fixed or changed for the better, that is 50+ characters to re-upload...

    Its not that bad updating the numerous characters. Depends on how I update them. Simply doing it for the screenshot is a bit annoying, but I suppouse I could update only some whenever a fix happens.


    As of writting this, I still havent update the alien characters. Only like, 2 of them. I am so intimidated by Haffr, mjum, craket, torr, anyone who are supposed to have a lot of shapy fur. I will be annoying myself with them. But I hope they come out proper. I think these alien characters may have some of the better fur authoring since I used the normal characters as practice.


    Regarding Fur authoring, I found myself liking the shorter tiling that make for a Woolen look, than the numerous slender look. I still have yet to fully explore how to create good illusions for the Fur Authoring. I also need to experiment with the Noise Mask. I wonder what I can do with that.


    Also I made this

    Did not take long at all. I came up with the idea, tested how many poses we could make and it was possible. I wanted to do something sexy, but nah... Not gonna put too much effort. Just want to see how possible this was. The frame rate feels like a gmod video, hehe. This is probably my first frame-by-frame 3d animation. I think if ide ever do that again, it should be in a proper program. Or just continue with 2d animation, thats much more fun.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks again for the praise of the fur authoring tool! :)

    Ah, the AO high-rez bug is unfortunate. It's essentially a consequence of this (default behavior in Unity, crazily enough). Perhaps we'll do what you suggest - simply remove super resolution for screenshots. (The problem still persists on high-rez monitors though, so it's not really a solution. The best thing is if Unity can fix this.)

    Both Dogson and I have been very impressed by the work you've put into updating your characters. We have been looking through all of them as they've been updated. My personal favorite is Zahra.

    Note that noise mask is currently bugged for custom textures. (It's fixed for the patch release.)

    Oh! What a nice animation! This blinking looks so much better than in Yiffalicious, and I learned so much from just studying it. Will definitely take inspiration from this when implementing blinking in FurryVNE!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • Thanks, and thanks for the additional info!

    For the animation,
    It depends a lot on how your systemic methods will incorporate subtle animation quirks.

    In 2d animation, my eye blinks are usually:
    frame3-half open,
    frame4-half of that half open,
    Frame5-Half of that halfs half open.
    (Simple but sudden movement into something that eases in/out) In 25 (12) frames per second. I also feel like she slightly blinks hard but that could be due to the fluff moving as well.

    A slower and consistent blink like YL1 imo has a sexy tinge to it, so it does still have a place.
    An even slower blink can be more seductive... or tired.
    It all also depends on where the eyelids start their blink and end them.
    If I would imagine this being editable in FurVNE I would imagine 2 or 3 preset animation to choose, and a speed slider.

    Sorry for rambling, Im just throwing ideas out, as well as emphasising how important eyes can be for personalities ;)
  • [Added Yua and Updated all relevant characters with Fur]

    Im proud of Yua and how she turned out, I think shes a hit. I love the usage of making a Chubby body type more slender, giving her this meaty, oddly familiar body type. I should try to subverse a body type into another, it is an interesting option I havent put in mind directly.

    With Fur Authoring, I now go into a characters realization differently. The fluff on Yua is made to make the fur look better and vice versa. Shoulder, crotch, maybe missed the mark on the hip fluff a bit but it still works.


    And as such, in hindsight, many of my previous characters havent had the luxury of a good Fluff to Fur relationship.  I still feel like I will need to update current characters fur here and there, especially the early fur adopters and the ones I want to make look better.


    Atting @Dogson ; With the advent of snake and mouse heads, and more importantly, the diving of into Facial Rigging to me means you have quite a lot of work ahead of you. Im genuinely rooting for you to bring the characters some more life.


    One more thing
    Me, 8 months ago
    Thanks. I think some will be abandoned or completely remade. Like the Male Bear I am unhappy with now, same goes for the OG race mugli, there could be one other I forgot. Every other character will be retouched by the time of interactions, by then, il probably have like... 60 characters. Maybe 100 even :P
    Me now:

    1000+ karma with 50 characters. May not be practically 50 characters, 51st will be my actual 50 characters. But still. Thanks for appreciating my characters with simple upvotes! I think I have some plans in mind with the Derivative, make it more commendable.

    Now to fulfil the prophecy, I must now make it to 60 characters.
  • odesodes Administrator
    It's only natural that newly made characters have the benefit of being planned from scratch in regards to fur and fluff placement. TBH, I'm amazed you managed to make that transition so well for your previous characters.

    Oh, is the 51 vs 50 characters a bug? I'm confused with what you mean here.

    Fur funzies, I did a query to DB to see what the top 25 creators karma is:

    1. Craket 1008
    2. Chyanna 512
    3. kittysasha 239
    4. Volpe89 186
    5. JohnVermer 170
    6. Blacky 137
    7. Naiko 129
    8. TNT 129
    9. VirusHunter 96
    10. Eilit 94
    11. Vandred 94
    12. LutherSlade 89
    13. FurryVNE_Team 85
    14. ScruffyTheDeer 84
    15. Lufia 71
    16. Yetoff 69
    17. Static_snowflake 67
    18. Diplocaulus 66
    19. BadOmen113 56
    20. thirteeenth 52
    21. Sehfir 43
    22. TinaSmith 38
    23. THeGERio 38
    24. MethodMad 36
    25. Rust9 34

    So you've gained quite the distance there! And you deserve it with all the work you've put in. :)

    Here's to 50 characters, and here's to all the future ones! *toast*
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited November 2020
    Sorry for possibly derailing this thread a bit, but got reply back from Unity regarding the AO bug, and it is as I feared - they consider it by design:

  • Damn. Is there any way for the app to take screenshots the way it does, without having to render anything? Like, all we need is a screenshot for the sake of showcasing the character. Although, I suppose you still want to keep your function of "Face must be showing". Right?

    I donnu, but I feel like the screenshots should be able to just take a cropped screenshot. This may vary everyones screenshots though, since some people will be at different resolutions and graphical options.
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