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Crakets Characters and Progress - [New Best character yet] - 78 Characters



  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks Craket.

    Our goals have always been long term. We knew there could be other furry projects surpassing us in finances. That's completely fine and to be expected given we don't even have any adult content atm (other than nudity). Because once we have this character creator in order and once we have implemented our improved interaction and animation systems, we can leverage the furry fandom's creativity in a way no other furry 3D project can. It doesn't matter how good these other projects are, because if they don't leverage the furry community, they can't compete. It's like being a single artist trying to compete with - it doesn't matter how good your art is, you simply cannot do it. That is what we're going for, and that's why I believe we will be able to stand the test of time better than other projects.

    I appreciate you offering your support in helping this project. Now is not the time however. We have been patient thus far, and we will continue to be that. Once we're feeling ready to go guns blazing, you will know, and I'd be honored if you did signal boost the project at that moment.

    We will, as always, continue to work on our project and improve it. Add new features, fix bugs, add new content. The design is good, and we can keep adding to it. In time, more and more people will understand our cause and be happy to join this adventure.
  • odesodes Administrator
    You can mirror a part itself now btw. It's called flip. Probably a shitty name. Maybe I should switch it to "Mirror self" or something.
  • It's like being a single artist trying to compete with

    Hehehe Im getting Doom vibes from just that quote

    You can mirror a part itself now btw. It's called flip.

    I was like "What do you mean? I dont see a flip anywhere". Then I realize you added a new update for the addition.

    Holy cow, thanks dude.


    And thanks for the response, and responding to my posts in general. I really do admire the work put into FVNE, and il continue to support it. I guess the anticipation is killing me, especially after getting the 60th character done into the clouds.

    With that said, I will probably continue to focus more on clothing. A lot of my current characters could use some ;)

  • [Progress Report]

    After like 6 iterations of Siennas shirt, it came down to the 7th

    Although, somehow managed to make pretty good panties on the first try

    Is it just me or do I still have to hide fur and fluff every time I load a character? Will make a post.
  • [Zuto Added]

    Drew a random ass fluffy Lion-esque girl with male qualities and had to make her in FurryVNE. Surprisingly took long on making her, The fluff job took most time due to the bug, as well as figuring out translating her in.

    But, I think Zuto marks the end of Usual proportionate characters, most alien characters that I have rumming in the back are super wild and I dont like how much im involving my pleasure alien world too much with the more proportionate characters. So going forward, Il try my best to be more wild.

    Unless it is a typical furry character.

    Speaking of which, ive been seeing more and more disproportionate characters, about time! Some have been very creative, like this one.

    My best examples are proportions that yield for certain qualites, like a more Feral quality or something species appropriate, or just a hybrid.

    But you can tell that, im not really being extreme here, im being very careful and appropriate with my proportions. I wanna create something NUTS and absolutely niche just to see how I can make an unexpected character. I have an idea for the Snake head since it paves way for a long neck.

    Other than the many long necked characters that I have, I wanna make something potentially dumb and try to keep it as appealing as possible. A good challenge for me I guess.
  • [Xibbi added]

    Ok funny story, it is a little weird so brace yourself...

    I had a wet dream of this character... I KNOW, I know. I dont have to say it but thats how the idea came to be. Does not look exactly like what I saw, she was a lot more uh... feral, hard to describe. It was a dream after all. But I made compromises to make her look proper.

    If I were to describe how she really looked is, more woolen and messy. Oddly feral but not really. Its like a more proportionally appropriate werewolf could be described as "feral". To really nail the feeling, I had to get the browns just right. Black tip high lights was not present, but it made her more spiritually successful to the feeling.

    Xibbi is a character I tried to translate from a dream. Problem is, I knew my time remembering it was limited, so I jumped straight to FVNE instead of Drawing her. This might have been a mistake I think. I was too afraid I would get caught up in drawing correctly rather than drawing her, so I went to the 3D application. Looking back, I believe If I drew her first, I would have had a better idea.

    Still, she fit within my wants of making more unusual characters despite having polished her up to NOT look unusual.


    [Huge Otter Thing added]

    A character trying to mess around, to see if I can come up with new stuff, and I did. Will I make those come true? Maybe. Huge Otter Thing is mostly an experiment, she may be a blemish in my roster of characters but I think the ambiguity of being an otter or seal or an alien chimera of those two is fine to keep around. Being an experimental character, I hope other people will steal ideas in what they see in her.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Man, I wish I still had those. Exceedingly rare these days.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this story and thanks for sharing this character. She's beautiful.
  • [Piper Added]
    I have this furry world idea that im very slowly building up in my FA account that is about Rats and interspecies sex (furry context obviously). Nothing major has been done or shown but I felt like I should probably put a character from there into FurVNE.

    Piper was pretty hefty to make, I have my concepts of her, but the hair. It is always the hair! Her long grey hair took me extra efforts to make possible, definitely easier due to "solo"ing fluff appendages. Not sure if I said this before, but placing fluff around certain the back of the neck can show undesirable results when tilting the head up. Ive always since I got gud at fluff placing had to resort to Pose Mode to see if everything is functional by moving limbs in almost extreme ways.

    And from that, I noticed that the BigCanine head model has the insides sticking out of the front neck when making the characters head look up. I feel like I saw this before but just did not say anything. Oh well, not a real issue anyway.

    Here is an out of context joke.

    Furry Visual Noveling Editor Character Creator, I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.

    It sounds stupid to think of this but the context is coming up with scripting for a video guide and tutorial for the Character Creator. Yes ive been thinking of making tutorial videos, just... Not sure when it is best. And, I wouldnt really go so far as to detail everything, just the way I do it and enough for anyone to be able to muster up a character using my guide.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Really nice work on Piper! Her hair work is amazing!
    placing fluff around certain the back of the neck can show undesirable results when tilting the head up
    Does that still happen? I think it should have been fixed in the last release(s)?

    And from that, I noticed that the BigCanine head model has the insides sticking out of the front neck when making the characters head look up. I feel like I saw this before but just did not say anything. Oh well, not a real issue anyway.

    Forwarding to dogson.

    Yes ive been thinking of making tutorial videos

    Video tutorial sounds good!

    Need to get guides section going, and youtube embed. That would be helpful I think.
  • edited May 31
    Does that still happen? I think it should have been fixed in the last release(s)?

    It always happened. Im not sure this is something that you can fix truly. Honestly, its not even a bug.

    Lemme Explain what I think is going on.

    That is the back of the neck of a brand new blank character. Simply making them look up will do this. If you happen to place a long fluff in that upper area (above the seam), it will likely jab through the model and out of the throat like this.

    Its not a bug, it is simply geometry and rotation in a sense. Nothing to worry about. Its up to the creator to be aware of this. It is one of the reasons why I personally dislike Model long hairs because they are static and restrict any freedom of movement for the head.

    Speaking of which, I still havent fully tried making a model hair using the Garment feature. Tbh, I should steal a model and try it out that way just to see if it can work well.

  • edited May 31
    Oh no...

    It is working (Weirdly due to charlottes hair strands)


    Settings with the best effect:

    Per Vertex
    With smoothing 10
    some good exclusion masking
    And whole Smoothing mask

    Does this spell the end of my Fluff reign?

    (Also that "Spoiler" bug is annoying to try to fix for these posts lol)
  • edited June 2
    [Para Hair mildly succesful]

    I stole Chyanna's Worgen hair model that they imported, and used it on Paragas with some modifications. Not the best fit, but pretty close, so this hair might be temporary until Im confident I can make her real hair. The World of Warcraft style hair is REALLY good and I wish I knew how to make something like this myself. I should try one day, but im still intimidated by Blender, although Im definitely getting better at it.

    This Garment Hair is actually perfect for long hair procedures, but also for big hairs. It also benefits not having too much loose hair getting too close to the shoulder blades. Then there is some garment exclusion trial and error to be done.

    Regardless, this is great. Im happy to end my fluff hair making career if I can make hair as great as the world of warcraft models.

    Oh and, I have a male tabby cat in the works. Pretty unique, nothing too exciting but he turned out oddly good.

    Diderik coming out soon
  • [Diderik Added]
    Diderik is a bit of a surprise even to me, I only had an idea of what I wanted and he turned out great. Im proud of how I managed to give him an assumed personality, even if maybe slightly accidental.

    His Teal or Cyan colour along with the Ear ring and hair style is kind of evoking a homosexual look, however, at the same time it is not too much so you can easily picture him as straight as well, but definetly more gay leaning Ifyaknowwhatimean.

    There is not much to say other than waiting for the new User_Tweakable custom offsett thingy and make edits with that. Cus, that is definitely going to help with making characters more unique.
  • [Rarrubi Added]
    My usual Naturalistic alien character. This time, I really wanted to fluff them up and bust their boob size up. Not sure if she and Dwaha having the largest size breasts of all my characters. I think Rarrubi takes the cake, but is also much smaller in general than Dwaha.

    Anyway, will further update my characters, I just have decided to wait in on that.

    Im closing in on 70 characters, but also 69 in the cloud.

    Ive decided that my next two characters will be Male
    [Male Alien]
    [Male Animal]
    And the 69th character to be [REDACTED]

    Il figure it out when I get there :|
  • [Rivet Added]
    [Sergal Added]
    [Gemini Added]

    Hey bitches!

    I got invited to devs Discord (Thanks @odes and @Dogson ). And given access to pre-builds before the release. We talked a lot about features here and there, testing bugs etc and I must say that Odes does absolute magical work.

    I made the suggestion about those hierarchy lines on the new UI, doing photoshop mockups on how it would look, and in the end, Odes liked it enough to actually implement it. He even made the lines getting darker possible and stuff. And the effect when using FVNE with the new lines work! He did say it gave him a bit of trouble, which is something I dont want to impose on other to go through :P But at least it was worth it!

    This is where Ive made Rivet, Gemini and Sergal in order to bug hunt and utilize the new Custom offset features. Although, im a bit too crafty at times, working around bugs and issues, sometimes dismissing them because I got around them. I need to find the right balance between finding the bug and reporting them, and not prematurely reporting bugs that were happenstance only to my client.

    @Static_snowflake made a post criticising the new Nipple System, which sadly I agree with, even despite having had played around with the new nipple system before anyone else, I havent gotten to the point where I would have his opinion. I completely forget to challenge the new nipple system with characters that were reliant on the Old nipple system.


    Gemini, Rivet and Sergal were characters that came out as of me asking for advice about "What next character should I make". I took any advice that came forth and I feel like they were more than worth it.

    Gemini is an OC of PestDeath. And as such, have wild features here and there ;) The texture assets created to make him possible were more than worth it as they are pretty cool pieces of body patterns that I will definitely use in the future.

    A sergal, as very plain was mostly something I know some people would appreciate but as a way to utilize and challenge the Custom Offsett possibility, and realized I will like to have eyes be moved at some point in the future. Looking at Sergal concepts, a lot of them have the obvious Shark aesthetic to their head, meaning their eyes are completely divided and usually side ways (like a bird). Having Sideways eyes I think would greatly benefit the creativity we can do with Fvne especially now with Custom offset. The only way to move eyes is guessing how the scultping of the custom offset will meneuver the eye around.

    Rivet was Odes suggestion of "Make a mainstream character" or something. And of course, Rivet was the first in my mind on that. Simply pinpointing how she looks with sculpting the first Feline Head using the Custom_Offset and youtube as a reference. She turned out great! True to her form. Well not really. I did not like her proportions in her game, so I appropriated them more while keeping it spiritually like Rivet. The only thing I forego was her signature Goggle and Robo arm. I know the Robo arm would be complex (But dooable), im not confident in 3D modeling to even consider her goggles so now we have a fully naturally nude Rivet.

    Oh! I will update all characters.

    Some new features kinda make current character features invisible, like the nipples. So im opting to update all characters once again. However, this time, with some extra care. Not all will be necessary for the same amount of care but here are some sneak peak.

  • [Done updating all Non-Alien characters]

    All animal characters are done, except for Sienna, Tea and HugeOtterThing.
    For Sienna and Tea, I rather wait for the patreon patch release that will get rid of the Fur Baking bug when loading them from startup.
    But for Huge Otter thing, honestly... Dont know what to do. Shes a bit of a trash character but at the same time her presence has me wanting to remake her someday. Will stay as "Huge Otter Thing" but I think Il do adjustments when I feel the time has come.

    Now I have the Alien characters to update, which I put more time and effort into than the animal characters (Obviously) and have unique attributes that will require more than usual tweaking. What is worse is that the alien characters make up about half of all my characters

    And I will be updating going down this list.
    Ok, maybe Il save The Craketeer for last.

    As I have shown, they have unique Offsets and nipples will be very unique for most of them. And if you havent noticed, a lot of the alien characters feature the Y and Line anuses rather than the Donut shape. (Just a fun fact).

    What else can I add...

    Oh right, updating all male and female animal characters is not the most fun thing and im afraid that I will have to do it again. Although it feels as if when that happens, it will be the last time to update them. Even then, I feel as if the list increases as I want to make more characters.

    List of new characters I want to make
    An Alien Male hunk, but on the shorter side (Definetly making this)
    An Alien Male feral-ish type (Maybe making this)
    An animal Female with a Lavish and wild Design (Probably will make this, have yet to draw her).
  • Wow, your characters are realling "breathtaking", the amount of detail you put on them is incredible. Keep it up!
  • Thanks @blain . As always, if there is a character you are in love with but just isnt exactly how youde want it, you can always derive them within reason.

    And by Within reason, my lowest expectations is just a colour swap, so thats enough really.

    [Jin Added]
    A purple fuzzball, satisfying the "Male Feral-ish" type that I said I would maybe do.
    That is because of the 3, his came out the easiest.

    Jin looks better than expected, despite being so "simple". The extra expressions really do give him a better impression and he is a good male pair for the likes of Rarrubi, Xibbi, Dwaha, etc. Any character with that Sub-Feral look essentially.

    My next character will most likely be that bat girl. Although the characters are definitely subject to change. The bat girl dotted pattern is likely to look very different, and I think the guy will have an article of clothing somewhere.

    In any case, I will most likely not do a new character until all Alien characters are updated.
  • @Craket jaja don´t worry, I am not the best using the character editor so I don´t like changing the characters.
  • edited August 10

    All done updating

    Well except for...
    Mjum (Needed an asshole)
    Tysj (Nothing needed)
    Åtsor (Nothing needed)
    (All having very minimal changes so I skipped them)
    Sienna (New nipples)
    Tea (New nipples)
    (Pretty significant changes (guess not) that I want to wait on)
    Gwen (New nipples)
    and some others
    (That I may want to update again)

    Anyways. During these past few days, I just got a few new ideas for characters. But I aughta make the Cheescake Batgirl and Green Hunker first. Im also more into doing some of my own art. FVNE took too much of my time these past few days.

    Although, I believe I forgot to change the Vagina Mask from my own to the inapp one on most of female characters. (I think).
  • [Tiffany added]
    The name inspiration came from here

    Tiffany was drawn as ive showed before, and with that I wanted to make her.

    Her hair was the challenging part, but funnily enough not the most difficult. Obviously the hair of the finished product is not the same size but the spirit is there. Ive also chosen to directly reference the face from a reference I made with custom offset, it was slightly a bad idea, but I suspect my drawing was not supplying the perspectives enough. Although the face is unique from most things ive made.

    Also made the nose. And when I made that in a jiffy, I knew I leveled up with the use of blender.

    Her pussy is also very small, go take a look, Gogo!
  • [Gimsha Added]
    I dont remember how Ive come to make this one...

    It was just an idea out of the aether that I blended photoshop with fvne to get a better idea how she would end up looking

    And I just fumbled from there.

    Shes super cute and love her BUT...
    I have space for 1 more alien character and thats it. Im done with it all... goodbye cruel world...

    What im saying is, 1 more alien character and I will be very selective of next characters to make. Ive been developing something and I hope it will translate well in FVNE but, we will see.
  • Amazing work, as usual!
  • [Jegso Added]

    Jegso Marks the end of most of my usual characters made in FVNE. And from here, I will instead be making some more deliberate stuff that I hope you will like when I actually come around to doing it.

    I wanna be transparent about all my alien designs, many of them are spontaneous and dont actually follow a proper reason other than fitting within the fuzzy 60-70s esque high transhumanist sci fi world of immortal folk who change bodies every now and then.
    Although some characters have been drawn here and there, Fvne helped me define them further. But actual use for them is still to be determined. Some have good substance already made.

    And there is a reason why most if not all are nude with minimal clothing.

    As much crazy stuff this little alien world of mine can spawn, Fvne mostly only allows for mostly humanoid anthros so a lot of my alien crap is still hidden and tucked away as drawings yet to be seen. Usually due to me not knowing how the hell to properly present it and I do like to keep it around (In a casual sort of way).

    So like, should I do a series of finished illustrations or a Comic? I can animate, but I rather save the effort for my actual projects. And then, there is the question, how do I have you follow a narrative? Following The Craketeers (My oc mascot) escapades is a hard sell if you consider how much of a Paragon or Merry Sue she can be, so maybe keep her as a legendary force. This universe of mine has a lot of cool and sexy shit that I want to show off.

    Oh and, people are doing some Jack-O pose challenge here and there with the advent of Jack-Os release in Guilty Gear Strive.

    I did this one a freakin year ago

    Fall before my clairvoyant trendsetting mind peasants!
  • edited September 12
    [Carminia Added]

    This, this BITCH...
    took awhile to make.

    I said I wanted to do something new, and here we are! Carminia ended up being very new all because I took the time to make my own hair in Bwender and convert it over to Fvne.

    It started with this character


    Who is a combination of my art here and some other concepts I made.

    She will be done at some point, but her hair was not satisfactory because the way I made it wasnt good. So I did a little research and was prepping to remake her hair, but I was staring at Art which I like because of the floofiness. Im fond of fur and hair and stuff so no shit that I put extra effort to get good at those in Fvne. I then decided to brandish a new floofy hair to a new character in inspiration to the artist.

    Anyway, I devised a little sketch... get a better idea. Originally as you can see, she would be floofier in the chest, but as I was toying with Fvne body types and planning out where her big hair and stuff would go, I got fond of exposing her breasts, which is a good call for invoking SEXUAL ATTRACTION... right?

    So I made her hair with the extra knowledge from a bit of research and planning and it turned out to be good...

    Until I had to figure out how to optimize it... Her UV was absolutely FUCKED, I tried to manually break up her UV with seams and shit and it took me so fucking long, I stuck through because im an idiot, but also because my blender skills required to hurdle through difficulty. Anyway, I got done, and... it wasnt satisfactory. All due to boleaning all the parts. So I said, fuck it, Il just have all the parts joined without boleaning, but decimate it normally. And, well... I think it is heavy in rendering, cus there are so many parts going in and out of eachother but regardless I optimized it enough I think and added a soft hairy texture that I hand made. (I had to remake her hair once because I accidentally pressed CTRL+S to save accidentally on a no-way-back part of my process :|   )

    Finally, ive gotten back to FVNE to actually finish her for realsies.

    I wish I made her forehead bigger, but its fine. Shes supper quthe.

    I am now more fond of and more familiar with blender

    [Blender skill +]
  • [Ollier Added]
    Ollier was nder production before Carminia.


    Put a lot of time into her hair, remade it about 4 times, it just didnt work out. I dont have the skills to give the more serious looking aesthetics a hair model just yet.

    And that is something I figured out, Ollier fits into my usual style more than normally, and thus a radically new hair method just didnt fit with what I was good at. My fluff work gave her the spirit better than my blender skills. Carminia ended up being more cartoony and thus those big floofy hair pieces just fit her like a glove, but Ollier is more serious.

    I simply need to get better with blender as well. Got my self some extra resources that should hopefully help me make better hairs and textures for any new characters.

    Anyways, Ollier ended up pretty hot. She even has a unique poon.

    Shes labeled under Aliens, but honestly, I was thinking of mythology like trolls and nymphs more, but in my style. She can easily fit in my alien roster tho.
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