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Crakets List of Characters - [Egyptian Doggo, and more exotic ones!] - 45 Characters



  • [Download Link added]

    Download link for all characters.
    Expires at the 14th of may.

  • @Craket thanks a lot
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    [Brett the Lion added]

    First Quality character. I have made a drawing of random characters in my mind, and then pick and choose their assets to make in Blender.

    Take a look
    Obviously I picked the easiest one :| (Dont worry about the clothes, I just drew what I had in mind to fit them into their assets better)

    The Ear Rings and Bead bracelets are super simple. Here they are anyway.

    Will make proper assets for download in the future.

    Here are the tattoo Assets


  • I have also now cleaned up the first page by using the Spoilers Tag.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Nice if you to show your concept art, that's what it is, right, your own drawings? :)
    I really need to get back practicing drawing too. He's a handsome devil, your big feline.
  • Thanks again @Dogson . And yes, the drawings are mine. I made a comment here that I should Draw the characters before making them in YL2c, it really helps contextualizing the 3D version.  Sienna (the First llama) and Jenny the Cat were also drawn beforehand which made them look so good.

    So I added that little trick to all characters going forward that I will put quality work into.
  • I have now Discovered that I can make tattoos with the use of Decals

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    [Added the Alien Batch]

    5 NEW characters, and a Hyun Remake. I need to make more males, and I must say, there is an inherently large bias towards Female, who da thunk hehe. But I gotta have myself some Males to couple the females with, ya know?

    More men from outerspace comin up. Its been a blast making them, its my forte and ive been distracting myself with the app immensely.

    And! Ive totally gotten better and I kinda hate to admit it. I rather get better at drawing, lol.
  • [Added Vowsh to the Alien List]

    He is in the cloud, but not updated. Realised too late on how I would make him less bland. Well... now I wait.
  • I agree on the needing more males part. As much as I love all the beautiful sexy ladies, we definitely need more studs to start filling in all these holes.
  • [Hoxo Added]

    I like him, had to get those pieces of clothing on him somehow, couldnt be better cus im still a blender newb.
  • [Added "myself"]

    One more character and I will have claimed 2 whole pages of characters. 29 are uploaded to the cloud. I have 4 characters not uploaded, but I dont feel as if they are good enough any more.

    Roland and a Female counterpart (Female tiger).
    The other female and male llama
    Oh and the pony but forget about HER.

    I should have waited until I made 1 more Male character before uploading Craketeer in just to wrap a nice bow on it before I distance myself from this app cus, I need to practice not being on the character creator, lol... damnit. It would have been 2 whole pages but... you know.. fuck it, im gonna make my damn comic.
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    [Eduardo Added]

    The male sheep that I wanted to make for so long, not as cool as Ide hoped but still good! Also!

    439+ Karma
    with 30 characters uploaded to the Cloud, that is 2 whole pages dominated by ME!

    (That is also about 30 characters in need of an edit, oh boy...)
  • I have created

    12 Males
    18 Female

    Acumulated Male Upvotes
    107 (-12 from my own upvote). 95 Total

    Acumulated female Upvotes
    336 (-18 from my own upvote). 318 Total
    234% more than Males

    Acumulated female upvotes from 12 best females
    265 (-12 from my own upvote). 253 Total
    178% more than Males

    Top Male "Wayne" with 16 upvotes
    Top Female "Athena" with 35 Upvotes

    Bottom Male "Ador" with 6 Upvotes
    Bottom Female "Vimpin" with 9 Upvotes

    Female are destroying Males in terms of Upvotes... UPVOTES!
    Upvotes are easy to give and dont mean that much to give out, I would expect more upvotes given to males in general. Favourites and OwO's are what should be given out as commendations and good sign of people liking your creation.

    For Females...
    Athena has 31 Favourites, and 8 OwO's. Yoalya has 24 Favourites, and 10 OwO's (Also arguably in a shorter time).

    For Males...
    Wayne has 12 Favourites and 3 OwO's. While Feilong and Brett have 2 OwO's. (Maybe from the same people).

    To me, this means that more people look and click on Females than Males, this is kind of expected if I assume most people here are heterosexual males.
    However, probably the incoming Top Male I think is @Yetoff's "PorterHouse" (does not have the MALE tag, but il assume him as such). 14 upvotes, but 10 Favs, 4 OwO's.
    I think Yetoff's style attracted people to click on it so there are more factors to what makes people click and consider favouring and OwO'ing a character.

    But the difference from "wayne" is like... very small and I wish I had a more definitive answer in order to get people to appreciate Male models more.
    Oh well.

    @Chyanna Is another top Creator in YL2 atm. Most of his stuff is not to my liking personally, but he does have interesting derivative opportunity characters.
    Hes also made creations that should not be easy to accomplish right now (Like Avian characters). However, surprisingly he unfortunately does not rack in as much attention to his characters. I can only assume its because almost all characters are busty AF to the point of maybe distaste. This is why I think the characters are a good opportunity for people to Derive, because they have interesting assets that people should utilise and change to their liking. Maybe I will give it a try. Sorry if this downplays you Chyanna, Im only observing and trying to make interesting assumptions to learn from.

    If there is anyone who can break my rules to what people give attention to, it could be @VirusHunter. Its so attractive and colourful in the thumbnails, it is impossible not to have a look. Even if it is a male character, most people will give it attention enough to also give a favourite and OwO's. But, he has yet to do so (Not a challenge). Im just interested to see someone break the mold of lack of male interest. Despite heterosexual assumptions.
  • [Added Mjum, Krux, Haffr, Fremsu, Redbah, Noah, Vivian]
    More and more aliens characters than the usual animal. I find it that Vivan may be more of the Unique animal characters where they clearly arent just for being a simple character, like Brett the Lion.

    Anyways, I dont know what to do with this thread. I feel like it is redundant due to the cloud, but I also feel like I can express non-thread worthy comments with my experience using YL2.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I quite enjoy reading your comments, so I'd say keep it up! I'm sure others do too.
  • Alright, il keep at it.

    But still, once the hard work you guys have been doing reaches to the point of opening up the discussion, guides, interactions etc sections of the cloud, real engagement will happen due to being so directly tied to the app. I really do think having a cloud connect the community is an amazing idea that will pay off.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Agreed, I think overtime, this forum will become obsolete for the reasons you stated. Still, I check in here everyday and I'm happy when I see users post content. :)
  • edited September 9
    [Added Gran, Kruby and Zahra]

    Zahra was deeply inspired by this

    40 original characters in the Cloud now, with 1 derivative. I was going to make the derivative of Chyanna's reptile girl a lot more different, but as soon as I discovered that their characters textures were already a colour and texture and not a mask, I couldnt do much. Or at least, I reduced the bustyness and changed the proportions slightly to my personal tastes. I wish It was more diverse, I feel like I kind of stole it, so I called it what it is, a reduced version of Chyannas creation.

    Out of the 3 new added characters, Krublya to me was the most interesting to make as she kind of encapsulates my style exactly. Most of my unseen art is usually exotic and fantasfull but grounded to some realism. I wish I could get my comic to explain what I mean but some accidents happened and the momentum for it just got dropped. To give a hint for it, the vines on the skin portion are actually fur. Any ways, making the masks for her was complicated, I thought I was going to give up on making the vines be opposite from the dark and light areas, but I managed in the end.

    Granomal may seem kind of bland and generic (And... he is) but his significant other is his duo that make him and her the lookers that they are. I just cant make her just yet as the heads dont match well with her, but thats fine. His design is meant to be more on the animal than alien side, it kind of helps let furries potentially use him as a good catalyst I think. Males in female focused pornographic illustrations tend to have hidden eyes, so the same "feel" can be applied with Gran.

    I tend to not make vividly colourful characters, but seeing Magnaomega's Anubis and her colours really made me want to give it a try. Most characters I see with vivid colours just dont look that great to me. Any ways, I blatantly tried to copy the palette as much as possible, but alas I couldn't fully get the hair right, so I did a little of my own judgement, and a tiny bit less like his Anubis.


    Alright time to boast.

    41 characters in the cloud
    with 718 karma.

    I upvote my own characters, so I cant find character upvotes to mean much other than visibility. But its the Favourites (And owo's) that I like to see. It means a potential re-visit to the characters once Interactions come out. I feel like most of my characters should be functionally viable... I hope. I think that hair might look stiff, especially for the big haired ones. I still cant say much for Tails, I usually try to avoid tails (A big furry sin) but I try my best to ready them for when they will get their physics. Im certain that tail parts could be used as hair when that is the case.

    Alright, this was the last of my assumptions and ramblings for today!
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