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Crakets List of Characters - [NEW M-Wolf and F-Bear!] - 13 Characters


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Wow it's really great to see someone taking the character creator on with such gusto like you're doing, can't see what you'll create up as we release more and more content through the months  :smile:
  • Gimme more! I can only do so much with Scaliehead hehe.
  • Nice skins and nice posing aswell. Too hot for me.
  • Thanks son much for sharing with us!
  • The current prodigy of YL2, Keep up the great work @Craket

  • edited January 16
    Oh wow thanks menny. Thats a bit too high praise, not sure how long Il last until someone else beats me, which is a good thing. Different people make different stuff unlike mine, which I want to see as well.
  • [Barduk the wolf added]

    I wanted to make a more gruff, or older character, beard and stuff.
    I wonder if I can do that with a female.
    Expressions would help to assert personality to poses, we only have eyebrows to play with lol.
  • [Jill the Bear added]

    You can clearly see a big improvement in skill between Jill the bear, and Tim the bear. Im not going to update Tim anytime soon, im just happy Jill turned out to be more bear like. Sorry for not going the chubby route, I feel as if that kinda misrepresents the power of bears (the animal). I would have done a much more different kind of bear if there were more neck options, bears to me is much more tribalistic or primal to me that ide make them more animalistic around their upper bodies. Ide then also opt for Digitigrade legs, but for the more cartoony, I rather have Planti.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Really nice character as usual Craket. Your improvement in skill really shows. I love the stylized look.

    Good job!
  • Preview of what will soon come! And Thanks odes!

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