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Crakets List of Characters - [Cat, Eastern Dragons, Kobolds] - 23 Characters



  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Now that's a nice hunk you did there :thumbsup:
  • Thanks for the pointers, now it only looks half terrible. Just kidding, that was very helpful, but I still have to practice a lot to ge ton your level

  • edited March 19
    [Fuzang the dragon added]

    Only providing downloads when it is asked for, so if you really want to see her in YL2c, just say so.

    The update is amazing for the dragon head. All because of the tweakables! Also this is probably my best creation so far, still nothing too fancy like others are making.

    Im mostly fond of her proportions, they are off in a way that fits the eastern dragon. elongated body but shorter limbs. Because of that, I also figured out how to make longer necks by making the chest areas longer, neat trick. Not sure if it will be that much more worth it once giraffe is implemented, not sure if there are any plans for longer necks though.
  • Oh and here are mouth materials for the dragon head
    First mouth, then teeth.

  • [Kobolds Added]

    I didnt know how much I liked this dragon update, but dragons arent the only thing thats been added, I have a new idea already.
  • edited March 20
    [Jenny the Cat added]

    Almost forgot to mention: Shes based on my least viewed image (For a good reason, its not that good).

    So far, I believe I based off 2 characters from images ive drawn, and both are amazing looking. I think I need to design a character as drawn beforehand before making it in YL2c. I guess that is why copyright characters tend to also look good because there is a reference to strive for.

    This is the animal that ive avoided making for so long simply because shes too easy to make look good. And after a few months I finally did it. I still have some more upcoming.

    Here is two images I did not use, and an image where most of her hair fluff is gone.

  • Man, you're just churning out these characters! I look forward to using them when yl2 starts having interactions. Also knew that someone would eventually make kobolds.
  • @SteelCrow13 Thanks. I think some will be abandoned or completely remade. Like the Male Bear I am unhappy with now, same goes for the OG race mugli, there could be one other I forgot. Every other character will be retouched by the time of interactions, by then, il probably have like... 60 characters. Maybe 100 even :P

    However, most or all of my characters are flexible, not too special, or as I like to see them as "Starter" characters. When the cloud comes up, I wouldn't mind people use my creations as a base for theirs.
  • [By a request, the download files for Kobolds and Fuzang the dragon have been added. I also just threw one in for Jenny]
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Always great to see what you've come up with next, Cracket. Altough I'm curious, in the latest female characters, you've showed, the kobolt and the cat, are you using the m_athletic?
  • edited March 21
    @Dogson For the Kobold and Fuzang, I used M_athletic. For the Cat, it was F_default.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I feel compelled to say again just how impressed I am by your fluff authoring. Always a pleasure to see. The cat is absolutely gorgeous.
  • @odes Thank you! And Il keep obsessing over fluff.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Right yeah, hmm.. it isn't really idle, hopefully the female athletic bodytype I'm prototyping can fix that, that won't be for this comming month's release though, doing bovine (cattle) head and will try to make Illinir and Freanir for the dragon head.
  • @Dogson Can I ask what isnt Idle?(Ideal?) Cus if they are not Ideal, yeah I understand. A female version would probably work better even if I can salvage it from a M_athletic version.  If you meant Idle, I have no idea what you talked about, maybe some 3D thing im not seeing cus im not savvy with 3D.

    But I definetly will update when F_athletic comes out. Jill the Bear uses M_muscular, its why I like this character editor, using male/female things for the opposite purposes just works.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Ah sorry, spelling error, meant "ideal" not idle. I have a deadly combo of dyslexia and the fact that English isn't my native :)
  • [Feilong the dragon Added]

    I had this guy made a while ago, and was in the making of two others, but hit a snag IRL so I couldnt be bothered for any upload. But im back now! I gave a proper try at the penis deformation options to make it look more something out of BadDragon or something.
  • odesodes Administrator
    An exceptional piece as always. Good job! :)

    Nice creative use of the scale slider for the shaft.
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