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YL1 2020 Issues that (most likely) will get addressed in YL2

edited January 16 in Issues
So I wanted to make a new thread regarding the current list of issues plaguing YL1 that should be addressed in the YL2 builds that get released in the future.

*Skin/Asset amounts: With the character creator it probably will get changed, but YL1 will only use hard-coded skins/assets and you cannot seemingly add additional skins/assets to use, making skins for characters difficult to keep replacing each time you want to add something different.

*Hair colors (Blending): Some of the characters have hair options that are blending the default color schemes with the added custom color schemes, such that they do not actually "replace" textures but rather overlap textures and make a mixed texture. Cat wig, Charlotte's 0-5 styles, I believe most if not all characters use blending for hair textures, which is great for white, but hard for colors.

*Skin Creation: With the creator this aspect will probably be null, but creating skins for characters are, more or less, challenging at best; even with decent image software, the image being used to create skins are, more or less, confusing to figure out without significant time changing each small part and determining what was changed in-app. If the skins could, somehow, be labeled so that, for example, leg textures can easily be determined over hips, or chests, or arms, that would help in making skins for YL.

*Character interaction: Another aspect I hope YL2 addresses, Soft-body physics need to have real-time reactions to other soft-bodies in the scene; If a shaft slaps against a character, the character's soft-bodies should react accordingly, and vice-versa. This will hopefully allow for more creativity regarding animations and allow users to create scenes that are not specified by the current, hard-coded animations.

*Character movement: Something more difficult, if not impossible, to do within YL1 that would be nice in YL2 would be a system to implement movement into a scene. For example if I wanted to have a character walking into a room, or shift their orientation during animations, or something simple like masturbation. Afaik you can parent joints, such that bodies kind of follow each other by "linking" them together, but you cannot have a character actually move without a parent body also traveling within the animation. This aspect can be worked around by adding invisible bodies to the scene, but the system should allow individual characters to be adjusted/moved without using additional characters and having hard-coded animations be used. This is probably the most challenging aspect of making YL2 a true successor to YL1, including the soft-body aspects, so if the devs cannot truly address this, I would appreciate them at least working towards adding additional animations to YL2 so that creativity via invisible bodies can be easier to work with.

Graphics are, imho, pretty good as YL1 has them, but from pictures it looks like YL2 will add improvements to the system, but hopefully not at the expense of framerate; YL1 does have some issues regarding certain levels (Fantasy) and issues when using large quantities of assets in a scene. Level design seemed fine to me, but props imo need to be consisting other items that you might want to add to a scene. Things like chairs, couches, dildos, plugs, lights and other static objects that could be added to a scene and used as additional assets, without adding to animations.

Ultimately I am really looking forward to YL2 as a development of YL1. I know some are disappointed that YL1 is being abandoned for YL2 efforts, but look at it this way; all the additional aspects you wish for in YL1 will, most likely, make it's way into YL2, and while YL1 is currently free to play with, YL2 will definitely provide significant upgrades to the application that, imho, is worth putting up money for. As devs have said YL2 is NOT currently for anyone who isn't well versed in 3D modelling or animation or asset creation, but I'd imagine YL2 will be so much better of an app when things like Characters, Animations, Assets, Levels, and any other thing people can create in it gets added.
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