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Tentacles!... and related concepts

From reading previous posts and updates, it looks like my suggestion may fall somewhere in between parented props (BDSM style) and sex toys, both of which are in the future plans. It sounds like the plan for sex toys are to be functionally disembodied genitals that other characters could then grab on to (parent to?) in various ways. Based on this assumption, how developed could these sex toys become? What I mean by this, and some examples I am picturing, are things like tentacles coming out of the wall or a cauldron, sentient plant vines in a pot, robotic arms coming out of a table, some form of sentient slime, etc. The simplest example would just be a tentacle arm that on one end connects to a surface, and on the other ends in what would be a functional genital, and would behave as such with the various thrusting mechanics. The more advanced versions would have multiple usable ends, and on top of that, even free floating tentacles that could be posed in the air, or perhaps even parented to the characters to appear wrapped around them in various ways. Just curious about plausibility of these in the future.


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    I have a few ideas how tentacles could be implemented, but right now other things have higher priority. I don't know when or if something like this would be implemented.
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    I've also been wondering if tentacles and similar concepts would be added to this project, but I was afraid to ask since Yiffalicious is "100% YIFF. NO BULLSHIT."

    The only reason why I would like something like this added to the game is because there is nothing else out there quite like Yiffalicious. I personally believe the concepts behind Yiffalicious is the start of a whole new style of pornographic videogames. The replay value and the amount of customization available to users is absolutely insane haha.

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    Zanarck789 said: I've also been wondering if tentacles and similar concepts would be added to this project, but I was afraid to ask since Yiffalicious is "100% YIFF. NO BULLSHIT."
    In our defense, I think tentacles do fall into the yiff category, since there are a bunch of animals that do indeed have tentacles. But yeah, they straddle multiple genres. Perhaps someday, when the species list is finally whittled down to the octopus and anemone, lol.
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    huge fan of this game.

    I just wanted to bump the tentacle idea and show my support both on the project as a whole and the implementation of tentacles into it. having no experience in 3d modeling or coding I have no idea the difficulty of adding such a thing to the game, but i would imagine it could function model wise similar to the dragons tail?  In any case i really do hope that it can get some attention as furry/tentacles is my absolute favorite combo. 

    have a great day.
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    Here is an octopus character that has a few pics floating around out there, a good example of how tentacles could still fit the yiff theme:

    Granted I still like the idea of a single large poseable tentacle with a thrusting tip.
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    A snake character like this would work well
    having the tail as a usable "penis" would be cool and it would fill the slot for a slender "boyish" male which is currently lacking

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