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YL1 .yiff Starting pack - 2020

edited January 18 in Custom skins
So, I know that with Yiff cloud, as it is called, doing things like this is unnecessary, but I prefer to publish "full" poses in the cloud as opposed to publishing these as they are, then publishing completed works when I get to finishing them into full snapshot poses.

This post will contain the same file, the "interactions" folder found in your Yillalicious install, that I have uploaded in another thread regarding the skins I am using, which you may check there or get elsewhere on this forum. Just copy and past in your interactions folder and you should be able to find many new interactions to start creating your own scenes using default position setups.

I've personally found many popular positions to attempt to recreate in YL and, after some work taking in what can be done, have successfully recreated some very neat positions, if I say so myself, so have fun! :p

Interactions Folder:


  • Interactions folder has been updated to have a total 43 different starting positions + 2 lineups for Breast and Penis sizes. Will probably start working out some scenes, but I have a few more starting positions I want to make before starting on working out snapshots for poses.
    Enjoy! (Link in first post updated)
  • I have updated the interactions folder once again, totaling in 50 different starting positions for you to create your own scenes with! Now featuring a number of new DP, TP, and Chained positions for great starts! :p
  • Updated positions (5 additional:)
    Cat Triple Anal
    Charlotte Triple Stuff
    Bunny Triple Stuff
    Dragoness Triple
    Cat F Dragon Dbl Stuff
  • edited January 23
    I found the folder but how can I call up the scenes in the game?

  • edited January 23
    Once you have the .yiff files in your own interactions folder, or rather just copy the interactions folder here over, the animations should show up in the game when you select "Load interaction." If not, then I would assume skins are required, which are in another folder I have uploaded in another thread.

    This would go into your "custom" folder in the same directory.

    In fact I have even updated this folder to the newest revisions, so should work.
  • New Update:

    2 positions
    Elaine Lift DP
    Bunny Wolf Lean
  • Updated .yiffs:

    3 positions
    Dragoness Trip-Dick
    Elaine Dbl Anal
    Khana Dbl Dragon
  • Update:

    5 positions
    Dragoness Triple Anal
    Khana DP Pound
    Maya Dragon Wheel
    Maya Self Pound
    Charlotte Straddle
  • Update:

    3 Positions
    Cat Wolf Straddle
    Elaine Hump
    Dragoness Char Hump
  • edited February 4

    3 positions
    Bunny Futa DP
    Char Dragon Sit
    Maya Char Futa

    66 current positions
  • Thanks, this is awesome!
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