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Kara the Cat [WIP] (OC of Chelodoy)

edited January 20 in Characters
Here's some of the sauce material

And here's how I made her on YL2

Now, as it says in the title , it's still a work in progress. I still have to model her hair (with fluff it didn't look so good), get her color more in-tune with the source (though the source itself has inconsistent colors), and the rest will come when, and if, we get to tweak face features.

Hope you guys liked her :D


  • ??? I don't see any pics. Is anyone else not seeing them?
  • Lol, wtf? i was seeing them before. I'll see if I can fix it
  • @SteelCrow13
    There! Should be working now. Tnx for the heads-up
  • Grade A nipple piercings! But... NEEDS MORE FLUFF (Sorry its just a thing I want to encourage). There are 2 things that you just did before I did that I am close to doing, Thumbs up for initiative!
  • @Craket Thanks for the feedback! I'll be definitively giving her more fluff later on, not too much tho. But I still want to find/make a suitable fluff sprite for her and finish modeling her hair first.

    Btw, the two things you talked about, are they the piercing and cat eyes? If so, i can share the files with you, if you want. Plus the files of the other character I've made, "Demoness".
  • Its the muzzles and Cat eyes. Thanks for the offer, I think I do want your cat eyes tho, they look much better than what I managed to make.
  • edited January 20
    Ight, here ya go →

    I have two versions of the eyes, just the pupil (the one i'm using) and pupil + iris. Just remember to scale the pupil in the game to the minimum or it'll look weird. Also in the link, there's a folder called "Textures" wich has the the texture masks for mouth/teeth and some other things.

    Hope you like it :smiley:

  • @Tourlist There we go! Now I see them!
  • @Tourlist Thanks man, the eyes are nice and work pretty well!
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