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I want to leave her looking more like a succubus in the future

I hope you guys liked her! Please share your thoughts below XD


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    Hell yess! The jewelry is amazing! Especially that necklace, I see you know your way around blender quite well! Im going to have to step up my game and add props to my characters too.

    Question about that necklace, im not that versed in Blender, however. Is that necklace 2 different 3d models or is it just one. If it is just one, how does one make YL2 identify to seperate the 2 coloured items (Golden bits and the necklace). Or did you manualy place all those bits in YL2?

    Edit: Probably the best way I know is to make 2 different textures, right?
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    @Craket Thank you for the compliment! I've been working on blender for a few years now (I'm also a game dev) and you'll find it's quite easy to use.

    And about the necklace, both the necklace/diamonds and the arm band/spikes are separate models. That way you can just use the necklace or just the spikes, or mix and match the way you like it. And since they are two different objects, I use two different materials on them.

    I'll put them here too →

    Btw, the best way to use them is to put the spikes/diamonds as a child object of the necklace/band

    Edit: on the Obj folder on gDrive, there are some piercings I've made that are bugged (completely black) when I export them to YL2. Wich makes absolutely no f*cking sense since they've been exported exactly like the others have
  • Thanks for the tip, im going to have to punch through some tutorials for modeling and then see how well I can do.
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