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First Post (and a character) Update: and an OC

edited January 22 in Characters
Ok so I've been lurking here for a while and well, why not post something after all.
So here is my first decent attempt at something; I've used an OC from this thread (credits to Craket): , and tweaked it a bit, and messed around.

Enjoy :*

Ok so I've messed around even more and this came out:

Yeah I'm a leg man... Hope you enjoy!
Peace!  B)


  • Youve transformed the character so much that I dont recognize which character you edited out of. So really good stuff, I like the lewd posing too, it looks nicely dynamic. The hair tho, not sure if that was on purpose to leave it at no alphas. There is a minor bug where the alphas wont load, the way I fix this is by clicking to import a new texture, only to exit out of that window and then suddenly the app will load the alphas.

    Im not too sure what is going on with the feet tho. did you import a new model?!

    Good job on the cat aswell, such as the heart and lots of soft shading. Inspires me to add more shading like it.
  • edited January 22
    @Craket the feet are definitively an imported model. And not any feet model, Elaine's feet (from YL1)

    Btw, @Solstice , She's looking great!
  • Also, how'd you get a hold on Elf girl's model? (you used her feet on the imgur char)
  • @Craket Thanks dude, it was Athena the Dog, she was really good looking, that's why I picked her. As for the hair, well I don't know much about alpha, it was my first time using an app like that, or blender for that matter, so I'm not very careful about what load or doesn't, and I'm not sure I know what alpha even are. I just tinker here and there until I get what I want, such as other parts for the feet (It was a real pain figuring out what to do to get Elaine's feet there :#)
    And yeah I got a little more experience with the cat, thanks man!

    By the way, thanks and nice catch @Tourlist , that's Elaine alright :D . I even used Khana's hair, the horse's tail (and his dick too ;) ) and the cat's tail for the second model.
    I don't know about any Elf girl though, I just picked a free foot model somewhere, duplicated it and sculpted it to get the other foot's pose.
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