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Are there plans to add feral characters, or will the engine have no problem supporting them if third parties import assets to design feral characters? I for one would love to get my feral dragon 'sona modeled up to perfection with YL2!


  • odesodes Administrator
    Ferals are currently not planned. However, if we ever do get to implementing it at some point, dragons are probably only as far as we'd be willing to take it.

    Be sure to make your suggestion heard once we get to implement our user suggestion and voting system on the YL2 platform.
  • Pretty disappointing, considering the target fanbase and how much effort is being put into making this a highly customizable system. There are dozens of competing projects for bipedal humanoids at this point, and plenty of them will eventually support things like fur, ears and tails. I get that it probably adds a lot of technical difficulty to things, though, and I appreciate a hard answer rather than a waffly "maybe".
  • odesodes Administrator
    I appreciate a hard answer rather than a waffly "maybe"
    There is no such answer. All I can say is that we haven't ruled it out, but it's not being worked on atm. Other things have far higher priority.
  • i can pull of ferals :] the bad thing about it is they look feral from an angle then look like a tumor at a different angle. : 1
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