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Fluff like a rectangle

Hello, I don´t know if this is an issue or maybe the problem is because the specs of my pc (because they are not great) but when downloading a character the fluff looks as a rectangle (like you showed the first time months ago), but in the pictures and in the post "fur shader" looks better. Maybe is a way to do it and I don´t know :#


  • odesodes Administrator
    edited January 2020
    There's a bug in the current build where fluff won't load properly, causing them to look like triangles rectangles. This has been fixed for the next release.

    The fur shader isn't available yet but most likely will be at some point.
  • Ah ok, I thought it was a problem from my computer, thanks @odes
  • You can reload the fluff by clicking import>texture/3d object when a window pops up, cancel it and the fluff should load.
  • @Craket I tried this with some of your characters and it does not work. I can't find a work-around with downloaded characters, only with characters I have made.
  • edited January 2020
    @D1ad Yeah, that happens to me to on downloaded characters, but on some others did work for me that i can barely remember. Well, you can always add in the alphas for the fluff appendages yourself if you have any for now. Here is two at least.

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