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[REQUEST] Cow print bra/panty/leggings set for Illinir and Charlotte (Will pay!)


As title suggests, I'm looking for somebody to hopefully commission for me a cow print set for Illinir and Charlotte.
Default skin tones are totally fine, actually preferred if that's alright.

Message me your stipulations if anyone feels like working on this! :)


  • Hey I used to make some skins in the past, I think I do a good job. Interested.
    I need to re-purchase substance painter though, unless you know where I can pirate it
  • I actually have a couple of skins you've done like the Charlotte skin and Cat otter skin, they're both incredible. I'm not sure where I could get substance painter but I can check out some outlets for you if you want.

    I'm going to send you some deets about the commission in a private message if that's alright!
  • Eh I gave it a shot with Blender but uh, that was a waste of time. Couldn't even figure out how to make a cow pattern brush with that trash-heap of a program.
  • @cryptdick I actually had Phyrefist commission me some skins that were pretty badass.

    I wanted to do some more variants of my own and started doing texture editing thru photoshop while being able to see how it applies to the model in another window. I'd use blender to apply the texture then export it as a .obj so photoshop could recognize it.
  • Is it possible for you to share the skins? Would like to see them
  • @shad345 normally yes, but considering I paid for the skins to be done, I plan on keeping them a bit longer until I feel that I've gotten my "use" out of them if that makes sense.
  • Makes sense. Let us know.
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