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First Character Attempt (WIP)


Playing with the tools a bit. but here's how she's going so far. lots to do still.

Going to have to sculpt myself an ear to use on her left side. No idea how i'm going to do her other eye. there isn't individual eye options haha.

i'm mostly trying to do her patterning. i've used so many masks lol i gave up naming them, i'll go back later lmao. the screenshot isn't even all of them.

will look into fur next, see if i can get something nice going. when modelling fur is still the thing that cripples me. can't seem to get it right when i'm doing it on my own models. so we'll see.

yes i changed her from plantigrade to digitgrade, but that's fine since it was just for something different when i made her reference, i prefer digitgrade.

Hope you like her so far.


  • i'm going to reiterate, the masks are killing me. XD
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    The masks do look great for the ammount of work put in to them. But at that point, ide rather create my own texture using blender.
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    Was initially making the texture by hand. I wasn't happy with the result. I was also going to attempt using Zbrush to Poly paint and just thought given the way the meshes are split, it'd be easier to see how the masking worked and do it procedurally in the program itself. Also when I imported the model in, because its triangulated, it was going to take some effort to change the mess so it didn't look horrible when I subdivided it to get a higher resolution, it possibly didn't matter if it looked nasty cause I would only be baking the vertex colours, but it bothered me enough to stop. Also it's a good challenge and a test. There are some things I wish it had, like the ability to group masks folder style, then I could apply the colour to the group rather then to each individual mask on its own. Maybe there is a function already in for this but I couldn't work out if it had one, so for every mask there is a brown colour mask fill. Lol. I'm not far off finishing now.
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    Oh just on a side note, I'm making a more accurate to the reference model of her. Just lacking motivation to really get it started. Currently building a base mesh for Sculpting. 
  • Current progress from last night. Will have to wait until I finish work to do some more

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    She looks good! All the work on the masks is definitely paying off. You're gonna have to tweak the bone structure if you want her to look more like the reference. I want to see her when she's finished.
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    I'm not going for an exact reference model with her, I tweaked the bone stuff a bit, I quite like the look and shaping I have at the moment. The mention I made about doing one closer to reference is because I do 3D Modelling and Sculpting, before this I had begun a personal project to develop her based on her reference, in fact the reason I made the reference was to model her

    I made a model as a gift for Hioshiru on FA of their chimera character Zeta, I never truly finished it, there was a lot more I had planned to do.

    Zeta -

    fixed the link. tried to get it on my phone, but it wouldn't give me a share link proper. i didn't realise it was broken.
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