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Shackles bugging out

edited January 29 in Issues
So I was working on an interaction that was making heavy use of shackles.  Finished it up and upon loading it later all the shackles that were parented to a character were invisible.
Upon checking all my older local interactions I noticed that every interaction that had parented shackles bugged out. Sometimes dragging the red node (blue isn't visible anymore) on it will make it show back up but it's really finicky. Spent a good 10 minutes doing it, saved the interaction and it was broken again upon reloading.

Anyone else encountered this? 

Edit: The blue node is actually stuck behind the red node. So the issue seems to be caused by the blue nodes deciding to snap directly onto the red node upon loading an interaction. Still don't know why that would be happening when it wasn't for the longest time.

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