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Specific characters cause issues when loading another character

I just can't stop breaking stuff.
Two of the characters I've made cause issues when trying to load another character file - the current character unloads, but the new one doesn't appear, and the object tree on the right is empty. At that point, you have to load a character again to have it loaded properly. Both characters are using textures made in Substance painter; one in jpg, other in png format.
Reproducing the issue several times in one run may cause the game to lock up in Processing state, and forced application restart is necessary.
I've isolated the source of the issue to the NormalOcclusion layer in general TextureBuilder menu. Removing that layer, or deselecting all normal maps from submeshes, stops the issue from ocurring. I'm in the process of trying different combinations to find the culprit.

Error log:
Line 2485 is the moment you try to load another character.
Character files:

Steps to reproduce:
0. Start up the game
1. Load one of the provided characters
2. Attempt to load another character or use a template - previous character disappears, but selected one does not appear
3. Try to load a character again - characters should load normally


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for the report.

    Is this in the new year's release or the new build (0.1.0)?

    (I really need to add version number to logging.)
  • Issue happens in both versions. I'll try creating a character from scratch in the older build and see if I can reproduce it, as both of the characters I've provided have already been overwritten using the newest build.
  • edited February 9
    The issue does exist in the new year's release. Female canine template, with freshly made textures in Sub Painter, and a NormalOcclusion layer with at least one normal map set, and trying to load another character causes same problem.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I will have a look at this as soon as I can.
  • odesodes Administrator
    This issue is fixed. Fix will be included in the patch release this week.
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