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some characters not changing skins?

Hi, I have some characters that don't want to see new skins I put in.  Charllotte is one that has no problem, I think I have four skins in her folder and i can easy toggle between them in-game.  But for Maya, well, I can put a skin in custom\textures\character_giraffe\Body\1 and I can toggle between default skin and the new skin.  But anything I put into custom\textures\character_giraffe\Body\2 wont come up, like she has a limit as to how many skins she can switch through.  Is there a way around this?


  • like she has a limit as to how many skins she can switch through.

    That's because there is a limit, and it's not limited to her; every character has only so many skin slots as the base game has default skins, all you can do is replace the ones in those slots. Not exactly ideal, but the system was implemented quick and dirty in the final few YL1 versions so that the devs could get cracking at YL2 instead.

    There's this handy user-made tool that makes switching skins easier, though. Check it out if you haven't already; it takes a bit of getting used to and reading the instructions, but it's worth the hassle if you plan to switch skins around a lot.

  • Oh, nice. I'll check it out!
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