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Even though its in your own creator, hopefully you guys have licenses to prevent ownerships via companies : ] Just wanted to ask...


  • I don't fully understand what you mean, could you elaborate?
  • I'm guessing he means potential legal troubles arising from people recreating popular copyrighted characters using Yiffalicious 2.

    Now, I'm no expert in the matter, but if memory serves, all fanart is technically in violation of current copyright laws, so there is some cause for concern here. However, I don't think anyone's ever tried to sue the tools used to make said fanart so it would be something of an unprecedented incident. However, given how bloody greedy companies have grown in this day and age, who's to say they wouldn't try something unprecedented?
  • I don't know about that. People seem to make fan art, comics, animations etc. of famous characters with wild abandon all the time, I've even seen sfm models of many such characters made for peoples own animations. But recreating others OCs and fursonas without their permission however, that where the drama really starts, knowing this fandom.
  • I'm no expert on copyright law, but while it would be stupid to sue the tools used to recreate copyrighted characters, having a cloud like the one planned for YL2 that "publishes" those characters might be a different story. I sure hope that no problems arise because of that though.
  • @kroch @SteelCrow13 @Brownmane H0rs3 got some major issues with game freak a bit ago, even if its fan art its still a partial crime.
  • @MegaGarchompXY
    Sounds juicy, got any sources on that story?

    While copyright laws make all fanart technically illegal, enforcing those laws on the vast swathes of it out there would not only be a logistical nightmare, it would undoubtedly cause such a major backlash that whatever company attempts it will quickly find themselves short of a fanbase and with a considerable contingent of weaponized autists plotting their downfall. Therefore, it isn't a move most companies will even consider making unless they are exceptionally large or exceptionally stupid. What you'll usually get are a few prolific cases being made examples of in the hopes it will scare the rest straight.

    Nintendo in particular has always been rather iffy on the subject. They've got a nasty track record of going after fan games using their IP, and I'm not surprised they're branching out to squashing Rule 34 content, too. They've always been rather anal about that whole "family friendly" angle, especially when it comes to the franchises that have massive underage fanbases, so it's to be expected.

    But, again, you'll note they're going after the artists, not the tools, even in those cases. In the hypothetical case YL2 comes under assault for copyright infringement, the situation could probably be resolved with a simple takedown of the offending content and a warning/ban for the user responsible. Not an ideal situation, to be sure, but not a project-killing one, either.
  • @Brownmane

    Heres H0rs3’s post on what happened vvv

    theres recolors of monsters owned by game freak altered a few things from the base monster, even though game freak got some designs from fans. idk if they still do, .-. reskinning/recoloring models that have the same aspect of monsters is still considered copyright. Ive seen in recent YL2 posts theres sculpting towards digimon and some are pocket monsters(pokémon).

    some users are selling skins outside/inside the site. Also Stop with IMPORTING THE MODELS IN VRCHAT! I WANNA TALK WITH PEOPLE WITH OUT HAVING TO FEEL AWKWARD! >:c

    @Brownmane Here have a muffin! c:
    : c *Take teh muffin!* >:C Take it!
  • @MegaGarchompXY
    Using an automated keyword bot and pulling the trigger on the lawsuit blunderbuss in the general direction it points to? Now that's some grade-A bullshit right there.

    Still, it's also very easy to defeat; just don't use the volatile keywords. If necessary, invent a sort of "thieves' cant" where you use innocuous words to refer to the volatile keywords. There's already a few automated programs that do that (in addition to periodically scrambling the word list to fool countermeasures) in circulation, shouldn't be too hard to adapt one. It's also very tricky to counter, as the copyright holders will drown in false positives and even if they crack the code, the code can simply be changed.

    It is a rather delicious irony that companies treating their paying customers like criminals is making said customers act like criminals, isn't it?

    So, are people still just using original YL1 models in VRchat or have they already started adopting the more customizable YL2 models? Seems like a logical thing to do, and probably will become a very popular use for the app in future, given that it essentially allows even those with meager skills to turn out a half-decent, already rigged and skinned 3D model.
  • @Brownmane well ive seen a few different players able to bypass the anti-nsfw or what ever they use to prevent it. ive seen the giraffe maya model, the horse model, and the fox... i mean XD the maya model is good in vr XD gotta love it but .-. its great when u hear high pitch squeakers in the lobby, thats when its hell....

    idk yl2 models .1. .-. i dont even have it installed yet... so i cant say for certain if they are or not. ive seen anthro builds other than yl1 models but i dont think they are yl related...

    I do wanna point something out that your wrong about, Bots that detect words or whatever XD

    There are people who will report content to the rightful owner, its not a career its more of keeping a childhood memory... all depends on the content/copyright.

    *take teh muffin! >:C*****
  • @MegaGarchompXY
    There are people who will report content to the rightful owner
    True enough, but we've always had those, and they're limited in number and effectiveness. Unless you've got a product or person that's attracted considerable attention, they're a negligible problem.

    There's such a volume of stuff out there that it just isn't feasible to police it all with a human workforce, even if they're all unpaid volunteers with clear schedules; such a workforce would have a high turn-over rate so you'd have to waste resources training your fresh recruits every time a bunch of your veterans decides they could spend their time better.

    Still, if you want to be perfectly safe, there's a nice little clause in copyright law that stipulates that any derivative work that's 25% different from the original is exempt. Now, it's obviously a bit tricky to determine what exactly constitutes a 25% difference when it comes to something as subjective as a character model, but given that big companies regularly abuse this clause to avoid paying licensing fees to the original artists when they make sequels (why do you think they often redesign all the visuals in each installment, eh?) it's certainly also a viable option for the shrewd fanartist. It's what allowed Fifty Shades to exist as a commercial product, after all, despite starting out as Twilight fan fiction.

    well ive seen a few different players able to bypass the anti-nsfw or what ever they use to prevent it.

    Heh, people always find ways to sneak crap past the radar. Still, it wouldn't be difficult to add some bikini or such to the models, but I guess people aren't gonna bother learning the basics of 3D modelling just for that.

    Guess it's not too surprising YL2 models aren't in common circulation just yet. While the base mesh can be exported, it lacks texturing and extra appendages like ears and eyes, so it isn't a simple cut-and-paste job. Still, you'd think there'd be a few people at least who'd be using those exported base meshes to work off of, since it inherits any bone tweaks done in YL2, allowing for rapid prototyping and skipping over the whole creation of the mesh from nothing part.

  • @Brownmane one thing id like to acknowledge is nintendo is kinda like microsoft, big company able to make illegal claims become legal.

    Nintendo does not own pokemon, Game freak does and there is no official released contract that declares nintendo as the owner, but since nintendo has population rights they have legal rights to claim what isnt theirs. (Meaning Nintendo is basically terrorism, anyone who thinks they are a good company are considered followers of terrorism.)

    Ive researched The dark past of nintendo growing up, basically what im getting at is if nintendo comes across this site finding the potential to grant ownership, u cant fight nintendo without filling in their lies with the truth. : 3

    if u have questions pm me : 3 be happy to fix the lies nintendo has made! c:
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