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Pose mode for multiplos characters

besides the standard pose mode,we could have a pose mode for multiple characters so we can load two or more characters for poses together.


  • I'd like this too. Even if we don't quite have animation or penetration support yet, there's still a lot that can be done just by being able to have and pose more than one character. Then again, I don't know how tricky this would be under the current system so maybe its better left for when you do work on the animations.
  • I think it is because the app, under the Character Editor stresses its efforts to put all the functionalities of the character. Having two characters with all functionalities might be very demanding. Just a hunch.

    Which is why it would be cool to have these characters loaded as "Finalized" in an exclusive "Pose" editor mode. That way we can have multiple characters.

    But I also see how this is not a priority. What we really want is multiple characters doin it and that in of itself comes with posing multiple characters together.
  • edited November 2020
    @Craket That would make the most sense.  Once a model is in completion phase.  Then, bones can be parented properly.  If not, then your model might spaz out!  If you accidentally tweak a model during your animation, it might mess stuff up.  Also, bone names and registers might clash in editing a model.  You might try to parent stuff to a left thigh bone for example.  But, if you've got another model with the exact same name on their left thigh bone.  It might cause some problems down the line, especially when exporting.  And, I assume with this character creation,  there is only one base skeleton, so all of these models are structured to that said skeleton, so it would not be a good idea to import 2 models in one export in that way.  When it comes to 3D, the minutest of details in getting it right is key. 

    HOWEVER, with that being said.  It would be just swell if we could create our OWN skeletal structure and parent those on our own custom 3D parts!  Perhaps a base bone and just add more bones to that, with a weight paint option, then just parent it to the base skeleton.  And have a final weight-paint connecting the custom part to the model.  (WITHOUT affecting the weight-paint to the original skeleton on the original model; oh that would be a nightmare!)  If the complexity of fur is now a thing in this game.  Then weight-painting and parenting bones to a base model, can also be a thing.  I mean, rigging bones has practically been there since the dawn of 3D animation, it's got to be doable, I would think!
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