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Joint protection stuff and more ,and a jiant bee queen

I set neck as an example , first stick a ball to the bone in the chest,and set it to the right position

then stick a ball on the surface of the head(it must stick on the surface not the bone ,or it will move with the rotastion spot)

At last stick a ball on the surface of the middle of the neck

Add some details, and test it(those balls may not in the right position when rotation happens)
If it works well ,as the image shows ,it will look like a armor thing
For the Knee joint and the elbow joint,the ball should stick on the inner surface of the joint(stick on the outside surface won't make the ball stay still when the rotation happens)

and add details

And we add much more details ~~~and we got a

Power Armor:D

Now it's the time for the giant bee queen

Also I found fox tail works well as those insect feets and antennas ,and as flame as well.Fox tails are treasures:D


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Hah! that's a real cool usage of geometry there, I'm really digging it. 

    Perhaps a tip for an "vagely insectiod" head that could work for insects before we start on them is to use the fantasy-horse head, its rather featureless muzzle could be used in that kind of manner for ambiguous characters. 
  • This is SICK! I love it!
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