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Fill gradient mask layers don't load properly when loading a character

When I'm loading a character that has a fill gradient mask layer, those layers don't appear on the character, as if the masks were set to none. I have to manually reselect any of the masks on each layer to have them reappear.
To reproduce: with any character, add a fill gradient mask layer, apply/create a gradient, apply/create masks for that layer, save the character and load.
At first I though it's a problem with nested operation masks, but it seems even a simple radial mask can cause that issue as well.
Output log:


  • odesodes Administrator
    This is already fixed for the next release.
  • My bad, must have missed that.
  • I'm having an issue where a custom iris isn't loading with character load. Can anyone confirm? 
  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for pointing that out. This is now fixed for the next release.
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