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Interaction Dialogues

Hey all,

I'm writing dialogues for my interactions in google docs that you can read while viewing them! The docs are going to contain a script that ties together several interactions in order to give them a sense of sequence and deeper emotion. It also allows for smaller actions that cannot be currently animated to be portrayed in text, adding some variety so it's not all pound, pound, pound.

Since this may interest others who would want to do something similar with their interactions I will explain what I'm going to be doing...

How it works:

1. There is a document that is named corresponding to its author and series of interactions.

("ShyReveller - Interaction")

2. In YL1 there will be interactions that share the name of the document as well as contain a sequential number.

("Interaction 01", "Interaction 02", "Interaction 03", etc.)

3. The main document contains a script that has a description at the beginning giving a summary of what happens, and outlines at what point in what interaction viewers need to be to have the dialogue sync'd with what is happening in that interaction. (My interactions won't automatically transition between snapshots, I think manual snapshot switching will be better than a long delay for readability.)

Example (this is just an example it isn't tied to any YL1 interactions, though my plan is to actually make and tie several interactions together with a script like this one):


Description: A big cow takes a little fox for a wild ride!

Fox v Cow 01


Snapshot 1

Cow: "Like what you see, tiny?" she giggles, teasing the little fox with her big jiggling ass.

Fox: "Oh! Ah-h that might be too much for me to handle..." he looks away nervously.

Cow: She looks back at him with a huge grin on her face. "Better hold on to something, cowboy!"

Fox v Cow 02


Snapshot 1

Cow: She starts pounding her ass onto his small cock in big heavy strokes. "Ah, ah, ah-h!"

Fox: He grips the sheets and holds on for dear life. "Uh! Uh! ...Uh!"

Snapshot 2


And here is how it would look next to the YL1 window (the game is in 1280x1024 on my 1920x1080 monitor):


4. As long as a document is formatted similarly to the above it is clear what dialogue goes with what interaction and snapshot.

5. Just open an author's document, and look up the series of interactions on YL1 by searching:

    author:"author_name" title:"interaction_title"     (author:"ShyReveller" title:"Fox v Cow")

(searching just ' title:"Fox v Cow" ' would bring up both "Fox v Cow 01" and "Fox v Cow 02" and any others in that sequence)

The only drawbacks I can see to this are that you'd have to be in windowed mode to view both the document and interaction at the same time, and the interactions could not automatically switch snapshots as viewers would need to manually switch to them to keep the dialogue in sync.

There you have it! Soon I will posting links to my Interaction Dialogues (most of my interactions will be BDSM themed, just a heads up) I hope others find this interesting and publish their own Interaction Dialogues here on the forum to breathe some new life into YL1 interactions while Odes and Dogson are working hard on YL2!


  • odesodes Administrator
    That's a really cool and admirable endeavor. Thanks for sharing this.

    Just wanted to chime in and say that dialogues in YL2 is a top priority for us as far as interactions are concerned. We really want to make YL2 more like a visual novelling system than something purely focused on the penetrative bits. That combined with additional automatic behaviors should hopefully create a solid foundation for interesting stories and romance!
  • @odes
    We really want to make YL2 more like a visual novelling system
    Does that mean you're planning on making dialogue choices that lead to different scenes a possibility? I was thinking a while back that such a feature would be handy to have for the sheer flexibility it provides.

  • I'm glad you like the idea, and I'm very excited that something like this is a high priority for YL2!
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited March 2020
    It's definitely something I have considered and am interested in. It's too early to say at this point though. It's something we'll have to explore once we get to it. For now we have the cloud and character creator to worry about.
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