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ShyReveller's Interaction Dialogues

Hey all,

This is where I'll be archiving links to my interaction dialogues! After seeing some of mine I hope you'll be inspired to make your own. To view just open the link to the dialogue, alongside your Yiffalicious window, and pull up the interactions by searching: author:"ShyReveller" title:"Interaction Name"

New Toy (remake in progress)

Underqualified (remake and continuation of New Toy)
Planned Interactions: tbd
Current Interactions: 0


  • edited March 2020
    While working on this I came to the realization that screenshots served much better to showcase non-sexual scenarios and also could speed up my creating process to be able to get to the sexual interactions. This choice was also made in response to the negative likes on the app for the first scene. Going forward I will be creating these dialogues in a visual novel style that eventually leads into an interaction in Yiffalicious, with snapshot guided dialogue to complement it.
  • I really like it, keep it up :)
  • edited March 2020
    @GreyFoxDT thanks bud :)

    Update! Check out the progress on New Toy here:

    I haven't made it to a part in the story yet that would warrant an interaction, but progress is steady. I'll have more soon, and feedback would be appreciated!
  • @GreyFoxDT
     Yes I like it also , @ShyReveller
     where is the other part ?? 
  • @ToniRosa glad you like it! The project so far was made on my shitty laptop, and now that I have access to my desktop (still a potato but less so than my laptop) I'll be remaking and continuing it with Yiffalicious' full graphical fidelity. Hopefully I'll have an update soon.
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