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questions about OBJ Export and Shading

Hi I left a comment on patreon thanks for the reply im Having problems with exporting my character into OBJ it wont export any of the local assets Ive Added and its always in the T pose ... is very low poly is it possible to export the posed character and is there any way to increase the quality including added local asssets ?

Second question ive been struggling for hours with and forgive me if im being stupid as ive never worked with textures before ... ive sculpted my own hair and tails ect and they import fine but i am unable to shade them no matter what masks and layers i create the textures wont show up and the color wont change they just remain black if i change the shader from pbr to hair my imported part just disapears completely.... if im just doing something wrong on my side can someone please explain it to me Sorry im just starting are my logs if needed.   



    Images of my Tempest character and the resulting T Pose export
  • odesodes Administrator
    Regarding texturing your imported model - does it have UVs? I.e. is in unwrapped? That's required for textures to work.

    Extracted models are always in T-pose right now. A pose-option could be added. We just haven't had the time. Parts are unfortunately not included either. We're aware of that.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited March 18
    And regarding quality - the models are actually the same quality, but due to how the export works and due to UV islands, things are cut in a way that will cause ugly looking seams.

    Here's what you need to do (in Blender):

    Steps involved.
    1. Ctrl + E > Clear sharp (in Edit Mode).
    2. Alt + J (Tris to Quads).
    3. W > Remove doubles.
    4. Ctrl + 2 (in Object Mode) to add a subsurf modifier.
  • Thanks So Much for the help ive been able to add Uvs to my models and now all the textures are sticking perfectly ill work on cleaning up the model in blender as you showed im looking forward to the future possibilty of posing the export files as it will make some awesome models for 3d printing 

    Thanks again for your help 
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