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Male felines and big cats?

Any plans to do an anthro feline penis? I've been waiting and hoping for male felines since the very first releases of YL1, years ago.

On a related note, the current feline head looks great but I'd like to put a bug about large cats in Dogsons ear. ;) Something suitable for lions or tigers.


  • odesodes Administrator
    The way that YL2 is designed we can just keep on adding more and more content, so a feline shaft is bound to make it in there at some point. Make sure to raise this suggestion in the the suggestion systems we're implementing for YL2 cloud platform.

    I believe a face type for big cats is something we have discussed. We have some other heads/faces closest in our pipeline, but a face type for big male feline is definitely something doable.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited March 21
    Big feline head is planned. If all goes well it can be able to do lot's of various species shapes, if not then it's noting more problematic then to do various head meshes, lions, tigers, cheetahs etc

    For the feline penis i believe that the best way perhaps is to make the barbs as appendages so users can dot them out to their liking, I believe it should be possible anyways. Just to make it clear: the barbs will, for this time period at least, be solely cosmetics and will not affect penetration
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