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help me

I am trying to put the skin of llinir with YiffaliciousLiveSkinDropper but when i drag the _maintext the image does not appear in the big box help please


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    Heyo dude/dudette, i had the same issues with the skindropper.
    But you can open the skin files under.

    character_(CHAR NAME)\(Body, Eyes, Hair, etc.)".

    Under the three different files there is f.x. 0, 1, 2, etc.

    After picking a number, you go into the folder f.x. "BunnyLowPolyBlendShapes3, DragonessBody, KhanaHair.001, etc."
    And drop the "_MainTex" into that folder. Like the image on here.

    This is how i do it on windows 10, i don't know how its on mac, sorry.

    To open "AppData" on windows.
    You can press  the "Windows Start Key" and "R" at the same time.
    Or you can press the "W... Start Key" and type "Run" (Or the equivalent on your system language).

    If im totally un-understandable then im sorry, im pretty high.
    Sorry for the late response, but hope this helps if you see it. ^w^
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