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cant find which folder to transfer skins into

ok, so when i click on settings i go to skin zip folder, but i cant get to the folder i think im supposed to use on here, and nothing ive tried works, so i cant even use this and any help would be much appreciated :3


  • can you send some screenshots of the problem that you're having?
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    i would but i cant figure out how to share a screenshot here though, i clicked on the "attach image/file" button and it says "image URL" and i cant do anything with it so i can't
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    i tried something here and it didn't work, i'd keep trying but it's really starting to annoy me so any help with this would be much appreciated 
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    http://file///C:/Users/inyof/Documents/Untitled2.jpg yeah, i can link a picture from online with the system this site has, but i can't share a specific screenshot from my computer on here, there's no option to
  • is there an email i can send it to? because that might work
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  • You need to upload an image to the internet before you link it. There's many sites that allow you to do that for free and without registration, Imgur being the most common choice. However, I wouldn't personally recommend it, as they've got an age-gate system for pornographic content which always takes it's sweet time to let me pass through it for some reason. I use imgBB myself, as it's a very simple, no-nonsense service that doesn't do any bullshit embedding; just the simple image link that links back to only the image and nothing more.
  • thank you! i shall try that later
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