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Red Dragon Twins

edited May 7 in Characters
After a long project where I borrowed assets from Brownmane and Craket's characters, I am able to finally post and upload. Enjoy and thanks for sharing

More images:

Female Red Dragon:
Male Red Dragon:


  • ooh, nice work on the female red dragon!
  • odesodes Administrator
    I love the way her face looks! Good job!
  • Wow! Best example of a dragon character so far!!

    I would offset push those claw details around her shoulders/face/other more inwards so to not look like its ON her but coming out of her.

    I cant find the Download, but I had these CAT eyes MAP texture that I think this dragon character could use. I forgot who made it but here it is:
    Just test it out, could look nice.

    Regardless this looks great!

  • Hi @Craket, I tried the offset sculpt tool on the claws and they won't go any closer than just touching the body. I was using them as an appendage group rather than individual parts. The horns on top of her head that start the spine spikes are bunny tails which I used to hide the fact that the "claws" were floating on the skin.

    I imported the CAT eys MAP texture that you made but I don't know how to apply it. Could someone give me a quick tutorial on that? I wanted to use it at the beginning but moved on after I couldn't get it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • When offsetting the claws, have you tried holding CTRL first? Cause offsetting is defaulted to OUTWARD, while holding CTRL does the opposite (Inwards). I mean, it should be possible to make them go far in.

    When importing the EYE texture, you want to import it as another type.
    Upper left corner when importing. Import as MAP

    This is how it should look before pressing import.

    When selecting eye texture, this one should be available.
  • @Craket Thanks for the tips! I tried out your recommendations and I didn't know about the "ctrl" trick. image
  • Yass!!
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    They look very good, all of them, would love to see more from you :D
  • Oof, sorry, maybe am doing it wrong, but when I try to load your model it just do nothing and made a black dot instead a model itself. male/female both
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