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Everything is difficult at the beginning:

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After trying a lot and swearing that it was a difficult birth, I finally did it and felt a heartfelt wish!
Thanks to a few pioneers here, from whom I was able to borrow some Assets ....

TATAAaaaa !!!



  • good work on her! it was quite difficult for me as well for me in the beginning but i quickly managed to learn some things here and there and create some characters that i had in mind.
  • Good job 
  • Nice! Lovely make up, lips and texture on the face. The sephiroth hair is also really cool, mind I ask how you made it?
  • edited May 2020
    Hmmm! Thanks! :)
    These are my first 3D attempts, I am trying very slowly through "Blender" :(

  • Way better than my first attempts! Keep up the good work!
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