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Question about Patreon

edited May 6 in Off topic
Hi, I am thinking about pledging via patreon, but I need a few answers first.

I found out that there is no info about the creator I'm pledging to in the bank statements, so that is a relief. 
My bank account isn't completely private and is connected to a family member, that's why that is good.

What I would like to know now is if there is info about the creators in the payment emails, because I'm afraid "Yiffalicious" will show up in it. I use a shared computer with my Gmail always logged in. 

I know, sounds dangerous, but the people I share it with have my total trust.

So is this a potential issue or not? Or do I just need to not be lazy and use a "secret" email-address? 

Thanks in advance. 


  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there dude!

    This is what confirmation emails will look like if you pledge to someone:

    Any update we post will be received too in your email with "Yiffalicious" clearly being visible:

    You can change your email settings here:

    To disable you receiving updates.

    I don't think you can remove your receipt though, which is emailed each month. This receipt, while not having any mentions of Yiffalicious in the title, will most definitely have it in the body of the message.

    Your safest bet is to create an alternative email for this sort of thing.
  • Wow, you really went above and beyond for my question! Thank you so much for your time! I'll use a new email address in that case.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Happy to help!

    I definitely think creating a separate email is the way to go, so good job on that decision. :)

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