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New characters!

edited May 6 in Characters
Been bored since i'm temporarily unemployed from the pandemic. SO here are some characters i made.

Shorra Redclaw (bear): warrior
-early 30's
-Best friend of Mardo
-Good guy, but cant say no to an adventure or a good fight
  Shorra Lived in a village with his own people, But due to a curse of bloodrage and the fear of the curse making him harm his people, he set off to find a way to control it.

Shorra Redclaw RAGEMODE!
-Berserk rage
-triggers when he gets too angry or when he has no choice (fight or flight survival mode)
When he goes into ragemode, he becomes larger, darker and can barely tell friend from foe. His right arm, where the curse resides, turns crimson red and the claws grow larger. Mardo is one of the only one's who can snap him out of his rage, though it only worked on occasion.

Mardo Hillroamer (highland cow): Druid
-late 20's
-long fuse
-Shorra's friend and essentially therapist
-Had a vow of celibacy (no sex) 
  Mardo was a nomadic druid who, under his old master's wishes, was sent out to Sow the land with life." Mardo saved Shorra after he collapsed in his camp with lacerations and broken bones. Ever since then, Mardo and Shorra have been best friends.

 Narima are a race of beings that reside underground.  They barely communicate with any other race on account that most live in underground caverns in the desert. when they do though, they have to wear a special outfit to avoid being cooked by the desert heat.There really isn't any sexual dimorphism between the male and female,meaning they look the exact same save for a slight tone in voices. The only time that there's a difference is during mating season. Narima live for at least 300 years, but only mate to breed every 30 years. When this happens, the males become larger and more physically built while the females become more...feminine. There are at least 5 different species of Narima. 

Base Narima:

Sandstone Narima:

Aquatic Narima (WIP):

Coldsnap Narima (WIP):

Wrathcave Narima (WIP):

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