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Would it be possible to have characters be transparent/translucent?

Transparancy could be similar to the transparent effect in YL1, but with the possibility of having genitals rendered during penetration. 

Translucency, ideally, could create a "goo girl" effect.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Could be added at some point. Tessellation does make transparency a bit of a bitch since you need a pre z-write pass to make transparency not look like crap, but it doesn't work with tessellation easily (but it can be fixed). It's just not a very high priority right now.

    Next release after this one (we're currently working on the cloud) we'll start working with fur shading and sub surface scattering.

    I intend to make it possible to view genitals during penetration regardless of what shader characters are using. Kind of like an internal view. It will mostly just be the shaft being visible though, so don't get your hopes up for some super advanced internal view with vagina physics and stuff.
  • Good to know, thanks!
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