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@Devs: Maybe talk to MeshedVR?

Hey Devs! First off, thanks for the great work it looks really nice so far.

Secondly, maybe you should see, if you could swap tools/techniques/knowledge with the person/team that is making Virt-A-Mate? It is really cool and has a lot of things, that you for 100% certainty would like to add to YL2.

Just a thought.  


  • odesodes Administrator
    Developers are generally clingy to how they solve things, especially when there's competition. I doubt we would be able to extract any information from him, or have anything to offer. The developer behind Meshed VR is a master of the craft.

    That being said, I think the context of our projects are entirely different. From what I understand (I haven't really looked into Virt-A-Mate for a long time), he is going more with an interactive type of approach, where as we're going more a narrative type approach. This will be especially true for YL2. This creates a different set of technological demands on our respective projects.

    Was there anything in particular that you wanted to see in YL2?
  • I was just very impressed with the mush/soft bodies physics of VaM. For sure, the learning curve to do stuff with it is steep, but not impossible. 
  • odesodes Administrator
    If you're able to record or show clips of their soft bodies, that could help!
  • I will do that. See if I can get around to it tomorrow. Is Google drive fine for sharing it?
  • odesodes Administrator
    That works fine, thank you!
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