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Porting a YL2 character to VRChat

edited May 12 in Characters
I've done it, it took me 5 long hours but I managed to port my YL2 character into VRchat.

So here is the character in question

The main reason I was able to port this guy into VRchat at all without taking tooooo long is because he's mainly covered with custom models. So here was my process.

1. Export the base mesh via YL2
2. Import and fix it up in Blender 
3. Import all the custom parts and place them correctly

Now here's where I had to get really cheeky and be naughty, sorry YL2 dev's.
4. Use a unity extraction tool to rip the fluff and canine ear model from the game :3
5. Export VR'chats example avatar and use it's rig
6. Spend hours trying to get the rig to work 

7. UV map everything
8. Export everything to be textured
9. Re-do all the textures in Substance Painter using the same decals at least but hand painting most of the body. 

10. Fix broken bits in that screenshot
11. Assemble in Unity

12. Export to VRchat


  • Nice work!
  • @ElloMyJello

    I'd say the results are well worth the effort you put in. Congratulations.

    I think the devs have said in the past that they're open to the idea of YL2-made characters being used as VRchat avatars, but I could be remembering wrong, as I also remember them being more ambivalent towards YL1 characters being used in the same capacity. But then, you couldn't customize those until the last few releases of it, so it's a bit of a different situation there.

    I guess they'll pop in and let us know their stance soon enough. Oh, also;
    4. Use a unity extraction tool to rip the fluff and canine ear model from the game
    Could use a guide on this, would be helpful for more complicated prop modelling jobs to have the actual meshes as reference, rather than relying on guesswork and trial-and-error.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    I'm really impressed by your drive in taking something you've found and like and take it out and making it your own creation, really nice job :) :D
  • Thank you both :3 

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