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yl2 just closes after accepting both questions


  • A whole lot of Shader unsupported messages. Do you have (newest) video drivers installed? Any other games, especially in unity, work fine? Did you tweak something in Windows Registry? 
  • odesodes Administrator
    That driver is 4 years old. Try upgrading to the latest one:
  • I just found out that 9800GT doesn't fully support directX11, which is mandatory for YL2. 
  • odesodes Administrator
    Ah, that's true. I read the log wrong.

    Yeah, sorry @scheeric546, hardware support for DX11 is required to run YL2. DirectX 11 is 11 years old, and GeForce 9800 GT is 12 years old. It's unresonable to assume that games developed today should support 12 year old hardware.
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