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much bigger inflation's

have the inflations able to inflate much much bigger than it is currently


  • odesodes Administrator
    Inflation in YL2 is going to be about the same level as in Yiffalicious. This is due to technical implementation reasons.
  • Would it be possible to nullify, or at least reduce, the impact the spine has on inflated belly? I mostly mean how the belly shrinks when character is hunching over. 
  • odesodes Administrator
    Ah, I need to generate corrective blend shapes for that. Thanks for reminding me.
  • That was an issue in YL1, much more noticeable with some characters than others. (Ilnir vs Charlotte for instance). Will your proposed solution address this or is this just an endemic problem?
  • odesodes Administrator
    Charlotte had correctives specifically made for inflated belly + hunched over. Ilinir did not.

    In Yiffalicious, we made/generated these shapes inside authoring tools. In YL2, we're generating these shapes on the fly inside the app itself. That means once we implement correctives for these situations, all characters will have it.

    It's mostly a problem of time as we're working on other things atm.
  • Ahh, thanks for the update. It's not a particularly high priority, I was curious though. Thanks for the insight.
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