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I actively CANNOT post characters because of the thumbnail restriction bugging out

I know the devs posted on my suggestion in the app about them pulling it out but this actively makes me not able to post more characters. I hope there is some kind of priority to this as such a simple little thing is keeping us from uploading characters.


  • odesodes Administrator
    We intend to revise the thumbnail mechanic, but it's going to take some time to implement the new system.

    Can you share this character file with me in PM? I want to see if there's something specific about it that causes this for your character.
  • Thank you, Ive sent a pm with downloads.
  • odesodes Administrator

    I found the issue why some valid thumbnails don't pass.

    In the code, we have tests for making sure that the eyes point toward the camera (dot product). I wrongly assumed that the Z axis (blue) points forward, but it's actually -Y (opposite green) that points forward.

    So that means if you take screenshots from a slight upward angle (looking down at character), it should work.

    I'm not quite sure what causes some pictures to pass even though they shouldn't though.

    I want to revamp implementation anyway.

    But for now - workaround is to take picture in such a way that the blue axis doesn't point away from camera.

  • Thanks a lot, and Nice find! And for some characters, I will continue to try and bypass thumbnail restrictions with the use of this trick. I hope thats not frowned upon, I pretty much dislike these restrictions. But to at least have the face showing is good.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited June 2
    The idea behind the restriction was that we didn't want solely dick/vag/nipple picks. So currently it checks 2 things:

    1. Are the eyes in view and pointing towards camera?
    2. Are the nipples in view and pointing towards camera? If they are, reject. (Even if they're covered!)

    Those are the tests, essentially.

    As long as the thumbnail isn't solely a dick pic or equivalent, I'm fine with it tbh.

    These restrictions will be revised for a future update.
  • edited June 2
    These restrictions will be revised for a future update.
    Good, because what you've got now sounds a bit too restrictive to me. What if I want a shot from the back to create an air of mystery or, say, show off wings? What if I want to put the face at a bit of an angle, and I most definitely will, as many long-muzzled designs don't look very good directly head-on, or god forbid, I want it completely in profile to emphasize that the character's got more length than Dostoevsky in the nasal department?

    Maybe just a check that the head is present in the shot would be enough? That will force most of the character to be in the shot, even if someone absolutely, positively has to show every motherfucker in the room just how big the character's dick is.

    Let's be honest here, this is a porn game; thumbnails with the goods on display are a natural part of the environment. Seems to me a bad idea to attempt to curtail it so severely, even if the intention behind it is somewhat sound. As long as the thumbnail tells you something about the character, it's a good one in my book; sometimes, what it needs to tell you is that the character in question is a horndog who just can't keep it in their pants.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited June 2
    There's actually a bit more to it than that @Brownmane. We had a rather terrifying experience with our bank some months ago (we may write about that in the future, but not right now), and that left an impression on me. I think about these things differently now. Even though it's a porn game, we're trying to make it look as innocent as possible, even if it's just on the surface.

    I do think that not putting too much emphasis on genitals makes sense though, as that encourages authors to actually make an effort creating characters that have more going for them than simply a huge dong or whatever.
  • @odes
    Oh yeah, you mentioned that in one update. Would definitely be interested in a more detailed telling of the story at some future point, could be some interesting insights to glean from it in regards to handling normies getting too nosy for their own good, something all of us in these particular spheres of interest need to deal with from time to time.

    I can definitely see why you'd be leery about being too overt after that. Still, as long as the character page pics can show more, it should be a pretty good compromise. Just ease off a bit on the face-forward restrictions and we're golden.
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