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Toggle upload limits?

Heya, I get the current limits on polycount and drawcalls are to make sure all characters will not crash/slow down users PC's.

However over half of the characters I've created so far already exceed these limits, wether that be due to drawcalls from loads of custom parts to polycount due to high poly hair and other detail meshes. 

Could there be a feature where if you exceed these limits, you can still upload but your char will get tagged as "low performance" or "demanding" and people could filter these out in the cloud/searches?

That way if you know your PC can handle them you can still load them and everyone can still upload their more complex char's.

Thnx for your consideration :)


  • odesodes Administrator
    Lifting the limits would feel a bit like opening pandora's box. I don't want to do that.

    If you're using the systems properly, there's no reason why you'd exceed the limits.

    You can use the part instancing system to draw a large number of parts in a single draw call.

    Make sure you're optimizing (retopologizing) custom mesh assets before use in the app.
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