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Size and format for hair textures in YL2?

I was wondering what the proper Size and format for hair textures or any textures are in YL2.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Good that you're asking us!

    We actually have a property for this called "resolution" in Part objects. However, we had totally forgotten about creating a property inspector for this value type! (Predefined array.)

    Currently, Parts (such as hair) uses textures of 512x512 by default.

    In the next build, this will be possible to tweak between powers of two from 128 to 2048:

    Texture sizes for body is hard-coded to:

    Head - 1024
    Body - 2048
    Hands & feet - 512 each
    Balls&sheath = 512
    Shaft - 1024
  • Thanks for the info, really helps.
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