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UI Scale, Ambient Occlusion, Postprocessing, ETC.

edited June 2020 in Suggestions
Hey, I don't want to be too much of a burden.

I feel the UI scaling slider could be loosened up a bit. It still seems big at this resolution. Though this is entirely preference. Here is an example on my 3440x1440 monitor.

I'm not entirely sure, but it seems like "MultiScaleVO" / Ambient Occlusion scales the effect at different Super Resolution settings. I have not tested this on other native monitor resolutions, but considering how AO works I would not be surprised if there is a difference. I'm not sure if its viable to compensate for this. Here is a example comparing 3440x1440 external screenshot with Super Resolution of 3 and 6.

Will post process effect be exposed in preferences? Here are two pictures to compare what it looks like by default and with Post Processing "Uber" Shader bypassed so others to chime in on.


Without "Uber" PostProcessing

In the default picture, I'm personally not a fan of the lens distortion, vignette, and blown out highlights. I feel the chromatic aberration might be too much. But this is all personal taste.

And finally! o:) Would it be possible to click outliner or properties to roll them up or drag the pink/purple separators to scale?

Sorry about the messy post. I know most of this is preference, but figured I would post.
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