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Crakets YL2 Supply Drop [Texture and Model downloads] 08/09/20

edited November 2020 in General discussion
Here is the download to all of my Fluff texture and body textures, as well as a few models.

Very few of these things are not mine, and some that are mine may have minor errors to them.
(Likely expires in 19nd. PM me for another link if you see this past its date, and il renew it)

CatEyes were by @Tourlist
Measurement Models were by @Brownmane
Spike Fluff Alpha by @thirteeenth
SpreadEyelashes by @ScruffyTheDeer
Stylized_Fur_001_normal By Joao Paulo
FeatherDroplet by @ScruffyTheDeer
Shingles_Terracotta_001_normal3 by @ScruffyTheDeer
Alien_Flesh_001_norm by @ScruffyTheDeer
Eye_of_horus by @Static_snowflake
StrictishBrow by @VirusHunter
Antler1 by @Blacky
trinket_arm by @thirteeenth



  • I should probably get to crediting the ones that are not mine.
  • Thanks, I just started really playing around with the creator and have used quite a few of your textures already.  This is really appreciated.
  • edited September 2020
    New link dropped! (bump) Comes with even more new fluff masks, body textures and etc.
  • Another New link. With better labelling on textures and folders and more stuff that I stole! hurray for thievery! well, its not thievery but I figured its still worth crediting the source of the things that I did not make.
  • Stylized_Fur_001_normal is by Joao Paulo. He puts out a ton of high quality textures, almost all of which are public domain. I've added a note to my character that uses this texture to credit him.

    Thanks for all of the resources by the way, these have been such a massive help!

  • Thanks for the heads up!
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