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Crakets YL2 Supply [Texture and Model downloads] 10/06/20

edited June 11 in General discussion
Here is the download to all of my Fluff texture and body textures, as well as a few models.

Very few of these things are not mine, and some that are mine may have minor errors to them.
(Expires in 24th. PM me for another link if you see this past its date, and il renew it)

I will put credits within the file itself later on a second upload when I have made and collected more materials.

CatEyes were made by @Tourlist
Measurements were made by @Brownmane
Spike Fluff Alpha made by @thirteeenth



  • I should probably get to crediting the ones that are not mine.
  • Thanks, I just started really playing around with the creator and have used quite a few of your textures already.  This is really appreciated.
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