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Can we commission animations?


  • odesodes Administrator
    We (the devs) don't do commissions, but you might be able to find someone who would be interested.
  • so I should ask in a forum where artist can listen to art requests? I just did that.
  • anyhow any experienced cartoonist able to use yiffalicious to create cartoons. using finn and wolf in particular. I do commission artist can use paypal. Ideally would like three group animation one with finn topping a wolf, one with a wolf topping finn and finally one finn between two wolfs one bottoming for finn and one topping finn. Som,e variety in finn and wolf is acceptable.
  • Yes I know such animations already exist on the cloud and pose selector. I can not use the game well, but I can pay someone else to use the game. Note the admins have not suggested at any point that this would be prohibited. and if you can use the game to create cartoons, shouldnt your work be rewarded? Since this is not against any rules, lets test trial some group animations. send a PM if available to work on some animations.
  • I know the adage is you can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink. But seriously no one wants to get paid to create an animation?
  • It's not that, it's just that there's no point to it for some very good reasons:

    1. YL1 is designed to be very user friendly so anyone can make their own yiff/sex scenes. Trust me, I'm a clod when it comes to animation, 3D modeling, and programming yet even I could figure it out with some messing around. The whole point is that you can make such scenes yourself without commissioning somebody else.

    2. Unfortunately YL1 is also extremely limited in what we can do with it. There are only a small number of characters, environments, props, and interactions we can work with. Some people have made custom skins for the characters but you can't make clothes, jewelry, props etc. We've figured out how to make more interactions with some clever rigging with invisible characters and parenting but we are still limited primarily to yiff movies.

    3. Everybody already uploads their interactions onto the cloud for free. Try searching there, and if you can't find what you're looking for try making it yourself.

    What I'm trying to say here is if you want an animation with characters that aren't already in the app doing things that aren't possible to even vaguely simulate then you won't find anybody that can do it for you here. You would be better off commissioning someone who works with blender or sfm.
  • It's actually really easy to use yiffalicious compared to traditional animation, I'd suggest trying to make your own and saving your money. Commissions for skins I get but the animations pretty much anyone can do if you mess with it for a few hours.
  • if your looking for animations? u can do it in the launcher, just takes alot of focus and patience since their are times an arm will to fly around for no reason. i do have to say that it would alot easier if we could move and rotate every single joints. ive done an animation before, not a long one. i take commisions, but i dont care for money.  also one more thing if u make an animation in greenscreen u cant bring the scene over like props or chairs used in another scene it will reject your request to do that, its easier to do it in spa well for me atleast. 
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