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Little Fox

edited August 2020 in Characters
Hello! this is a little something I had done in the early days of Yl2 and I mean EARLY EARLY days like day 1 so please forgive me for the low resolution it was all done on an Old old computer and multiple iterations with slight differences (Mostly because during the time Shaft Masks/Textures didn't actually save when you saved the character file!! I'm sure its fixed now though I just haven't gotten around to checking..) I hope you will enjoy!

I call him Jack!

Was a little annoying getting the light on the pipe to work(The texture/Mask/Lighting doesn't save when you save and load the character but i'm sure thats been fixed by now, right?)

More Images

I also have some suggestions I'd like to put in here, nothing too much I'm sure and I know that things are still being worked on and added but can't hurt to say it anyway. Would it be possible to get the ability to move imported objects during Pose mode so don't have to constantly go back out and in to readjust things? Unless its already there and i'm just blind!


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