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My first attempt at making some skins. (Maya and Bob Tattoo Pack)

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Hey all,
So I present to you my first attempt at making some skins!
I first started out by making these for myself since I like tattoos. In my opinion they give the characters some personality.  So I figured, "why not share em, in case someone else may have the same taste or enjoy them as well". (Used paint 3D) 

Feedback and tips for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

This skin pack includes:
Maya athletic wear/post workout attire - A black workout shirt, with neon green nike leggings and white athletic socks. She has a tramp stamp as well as full arm sleeve tattoos.

 Maya black leggings/yoga pants with tattoos - I was surprised no one made a skin with leggings for Maya considering the fact that she has the best ass in the game lol (debatable maybe). Full arm sleeve tattoos, back and neck tattoo.

Maya nude with Body tattoos - A very tatted up Maya with a covered Ass/thigh tattoo. Includes a full sleeve neck tattoo and a skull tattoo on her back. (my personal favorite)

Bob full arm sleeve/partial chest - This one was inspired by and a rework of the skin by @SubclassStampede . Added tattoos to make him have full arm sleeves as well as a "pelvic tramp stamp" (idk lol)


I've made some for Khana since she already has tattoos and seems like the "tattoo" type as well as other characters. I could release those depending on the feedback/demand from these.


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    Man, its like everyones already moved to YL2. Nobody here makes skins for YL1 anymore, until you came along. I dont think registered visitors back from YL1 hayday is even here anymore.
    Well, theres far less familiar faces around since i came back here. Way less

    Fuck yea, Khana skin. And more apparently, Bring it all in! :333
    Btw I sure hope youre more than capable of making full custom skins instead of just a bunch of tats and clothings under stock skins. But i guess everyone has a starting point.
  • i got yl2 and i uninstalled it, im just sticking with yl1

  • I'd like to make skins but I'm too amateur to make decent high quality ones like other people have made.
  • Can we get some screenshots?
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    @RedRapture Maybe I'm just a noob, but I'm not sure how to do that on this forum lol. Most other sites will have an option to click to upload images or something. How do folks usually embed images into their posts?
  • @jakesow I upload my images to Imgur first (without publicising it). When the image is done, I right click "Save image adress" or "Copy image location", then paste that link into the little paper button on the tool list that you can see right above your text box. When you click the paper symbol,  a "Image URL" pop up should... pop up for you to paste your link.
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    Ah thank you! @Craket

    Maya Athletic:

    Maya Black Leggings:

    Bob Skin:

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