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Teeth and Mouth layers do not support Canine2 head

edited September 2020 in Issues
As simple as the title.

Teeth and Mouth layers do not support Canine2 head

You can try it yourself. I cycled through all heads, and they do not work for Canine2.
This kind of sucks, because I deleted my own teeth and mouth textures for Canine2 lol so now im going to have to re-create it for now.


Oh and a bonus bug!

Something odd is happening to the underside of this character

His entire, uh... taint is jumbled up, and I noticed that my BallsSheath INFLATED options have gone back to default positions and size.

Maybe the two are related? Sorry if this is vague, I have no idea what caused it. Will investigate.


Investigation is... complete?

Jumbled taint is caused by M_muscular body type and the entire taint is related to PelvisScale on BoneOptions.
Additionally, anything else affecting the ass like tweaks affect the taint, further jumbling it around.
Glutescrease in particular makes it odd I think.

But the biggest culprit has to be how PelvisScale pushes the taint out.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for pointing that out, canine2 masks have been fixed for the next release.

    I'm not sure a lot can be done about bone scaling, but the shape seems strange by default. Forwarding shape issues to dogson.
  • @odes I have to remind about Eyeliner as well for Canine2 head, just in case.
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    The bt muscular butt/taint anomaly is fixed and should be in the next release. Eyeliner is added for Canine2 also.

  • w00t Thanks so much guys!
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